[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCpWZ7TsIko[/youtube] I wake up this morning and started to read the news and BAM! Jeff Corwin is in town! He was the key note speaker for The Nature Conservancy. I had to get down there quick so I tossed some clothes on and went over to Hyatt Hotel where the conference was. Everyone was in suits and ties while I stuck out like a sore thumb until Jeff Corwin enters the room where we all ate lunch. Apparently Jeff isn’t a suit and tie kinda guy either so I felt alright. He shared stories with us about the first time he saw a snake at age 6. “I had no clue what that thing was! I felt as if I were the first human to ever discover this giant legless worm thing.” As quickly as Jeff grabbed the snake not knowing of it’s potential danger he was bitten. With the snake still attached to his arm Jeff ran inside the house to show his family his new discovery. “Get rid of that!”, his grandmother shouted. “I can’t!” Jeff replied. “Why not?” “Because I love him!” Little Jeff Corwin said excitedly. He may not have discovered a new specie, but he did discover his new love for animals. Jeff and I got to sit down for a quick chit chat and talked about animal conservation and what you can do to help preserve the wildlife.