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Saturday , January 18 2014
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Worst of Houston 2013

Listen, I dont give a fuck if your sign says "Fags R Dumb,” "Will Rap 4 Weed" or the latest "You're PERFECT,” anybody who feels they HAVE to stand on a street corner for hours with a tacky sign needs to reevaluate their existence. Read More »

Hairy Leg Stockings: More Than Fashionable Fur

By Laura Coburn Articles and photos of hairy leg stockings are blowing up all over the media. The new Chinese-made anti- pervert stockings were created to deter men from raping women wearing the stockings. The stockings are said to be “super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.” While a seemingly lighthearted topic about a ... Read More »

Eye-Ball Licking

By Laura Coburn Eye- Ball licking, also known as “worming” is a rapidly growing practice among adolescents in Japan.  It is exactly what it sounds like- yes, one person licking another person’s eyeball. The fad has swept across middle and high schools in Japan, with couples engaging in the practice as an expression of intimacy. Eye-ball licking is comparable to ... Read More »

New City Parking Ordinance to “Turn Montrose into a Parking Lot”

Houston is a city defined by a lack of zoning. While the majority of US cities plan which areas they want designated for shopping centers, businesses, bars or residences, Houston isn’t tied down by that invisible government map. That lone bar down the street from your house, the adult video store next to your church, the scattered clusters of skyscrapers ... Read More »


Here is one Houston-related goof on Apple Maps, which is going to need some debugging before it ever catches on. This comes to us via a tumblr called “The Amazing iOS6 Maps,” which adds the caption: “Downtown Houston’s newest filling stations on the skyline rooftops! (Those are corporate headquarters, not gas stations).” My question is:  What kind of tires are ... Read More »

The Amazing Johnathan performs at Moontower Comedy Festival

There is a lot to say about a man who attempts to saw his own arm off  and eats razor blades for a living. Some would even say he even belongs in a psychiatric ward, and if so. He’s already there, in Las  Vegas where he performs every night at The Harmon Theater. The Amazing Johnathan has been performing since ... Read More »

Cocktales: What not to wear this Halloween

By: Dr. Absinthe In just a few more days, Halloween will be upon us. It’s certainly not the only day to dress ridiculously, get plastered, and act a fool, but it is one the biggest. Most people have a clue, by now, how they will dress up but many are still rooting around, trying to find the best-or at least ... Read More »

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