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Wednesday , 23 January 2013
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Main Street Theater Presents Memory House

If you’re 20 or older and have ever been a teenager on the verge of adulthood, you probably recall the confusion of trying to make sense of your position in life and whatever that coming of age business means, suggests, or creates/destroys. If you were fortunate enough to have parents who cared enough to ask you tough questions and spin you round and round, blindfolded, till you were too dizzy to know which way was eastwest or northsouth, you can probably recall a fight or two or eleven raised to the ninth power. I know, between my mother and me, unfinished homework was always ... Read More »

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FrenetiCore Wants You!

Houston’s FreneticCore is looking for local folks to join their Board of Directors. Looking for a chance to give back to your creative community? This may be just the opportunity for you. FreneticCore is a nonprofit organization with a focus on innovative dance theater productions. The organization offers locals a number of options including dance classes, live performances and the Houston Fringe Festival - a performing arts festival that has been happening annually in Houston’s East End for over five years now. If the performing arts is your passion - or even if just giving back to your creative cohorts is your thing - ... Read More »

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Finally! Something to Do in Cypress!

If you were as close to giving up on Cypress as I was, you are probably eagerly reading this and desperately waiting for me to get to the point. A new movie theater is opening up in Cypress! Are you still excited? You should be. It’s an Alamo Drafthouse, and Houston needs a lot more of those (how about that proposed midtown location?). Currently, the only other A.D. location in Houston is actually in Katy, off Mason Road. The self dubbed “Coolest Movie Theater in the World” has everything even the most casual movie-goer could want, from all the things ... Read More »

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DiverseWorks Announces Exciting New Installations and Performances for 2013

DiverseWorks– a non-profit art center dedicated to presenting new visual, performing, and literary art– announces exciting, upcoming events in store for 2013. Tony Feher, Liz Magic Laser, and Nora Chipaumire are among the artists featured in the first few months of the new year. Tony Feher: Free Fall (Jan. 19 - March 16, 2013; Opening Reception: Fri., Jan. 18, 7-9pm) Currently living in New York, native Houstonian artist Tony Feher, is known for his playfully dramatic abstract, minimalist sculptures and installations formed of consumer products. Feher’s project at DiverseWorks is an interactive, performative installation that combines music, dance, and sculpture. Feher worked ... Read More »

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A Very Charlie Brown Christmas, Improv Edition

When you get down to the root of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts you see a child plagued by deep insecurities, a skeptical outlook on life, and extreme early-onset male pattern baldness. It’s reflective of humanity’s ethos that some of the most popular fictional characters are those damaged, beaten heroes that refuse to give in. In a twisted way, that’s what makes ComedySportz rendition of A Charlie Brown Christmas: Unscripted! so appealing. Marrying the social mores of adolescence and Charlie’s negative outlook to the absurdity and off-the-wall humor of improv is a surefire recipe for a unique holiday experience, or at least ... Read More »

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The Music of St. Vincent Morphed into a Play of the Human Condition

The young Houston playwright, Lauren Belmore, brings her play to the Applause Theater in Houston. “She’s Beyond Good and Evil” is a series of five vignettes based on the music of St. Vincent. Lauren sits down with Free Press Houston to discuss her play, her thoughts on theater, and growing up in Houston. Q: Tell me about your play based on the music of St. Vincent. A: I am a student at the University of North Texas. [The play] was developed via a program we have at school called First Stage. It’s usually a director pitching plays but I decided ... Read More »

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On NSFW, Dilbert, and Cubicles

Here at FPH, we don’t believe in the NSFW tag on principle. Our vague understanding of the term goes as far as acknowledging what’s suitable or not on sight, leaning toward the former judgement in most cases. Unfortunately, in the age of perpetual memes and gifs and Gawker, NSFW has reached a point where it’s an almost meaningless label. Big Head Productions’ NSFW: The Office Plays, an irreverent look at the dynamics of every workplace, has gone ahead and highlighted the vagueness of the tag through theatric interpretation. A marriage of Dilbert and Workaholics, the collection of short plays was ... Read More »

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The Catastrophic Theatre Finds a Place to Call Home

By: Erin Dyer Functioning as a nomadic company for the past five years, Catastrophic Theatre now finally has a permanent spot to call home. Huzzah! After completion of minor construction, a bit of cleaning, and making the physical transition to the new place, the Catastrophic Theatre will soon take over the old DiverseWorks space (1117 East Texas Freeway, Houston, TX 77002). Free Press Houston spoke with Jason Nodler, the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Catastrophic Theatre, about the exciting changes in store for his organization. FPH: How are you feeling about the move? Stressed? Excited? Jason Nodler: Our managing director, ... Read More »

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Laughing at the End of the World

With only three days to go til the (supposed) end of existence as we know it, we’ve still got a few things to cross off our list. Canoeing down Buffalo Bayou, scaling Memorial City Medical Center to find out what’s on top, and visiting Zone D Erotica, the Galleria area adult shop, all rank near the top. With limited time, we will unfortunately have to cherry pick. The performers at Houston Improv Festival have simplified their last rites to doing what they do best. This Friday they’ll be hosting “The End of Improv” show at the Midtown Arts Center, a ... Read More »

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Ain’t No Party Like A Funeral Party

It is said that the low points in life are what makes the high points that much sweeter. We experience this sensation all the time on a smaller scale. Like when you showed up to that Christmas party and you didn’t know anyone else there so you got a drink and a plate of food which you sat awkwardly alone to eat, staring out into the crowd of people you didn’t know, feeling like an awkward loser. So when that girl you haven’t seen since high school shows up you greet her like she was your best long lost friend, ... Read More »

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