“I reuse and juxtapose discarded objects and utilitarian common materials into mixed media constructs. The previous functions or purposes are woven and blended until a new sculpture remains. These remains reveal much about the process of making, but leave the underlying reasons for selection and combination of things up to the endless interpretations of the viewer,” states artist Brian Cavanaugh in a press release from the Nau-haus Art Gallery. “My goal is to make something legible without being obvious, create something significant from the seemingly insignificant.”

Indeed Cavanaugh’s work immediately strikes the observer as more complicated than a ship in a bottle, and more involved than just patching together found objects and materials.

Nau-haus (223 E. 11th) will host Cavanugh tonight at an exclusive opening from 6 to 9 pm. “Cavanaugh will be working in the studio over the summer and receiving visitors on Saturdays from noon to 3 pm. throughout the month.”

— MB