Band Camp is coming to Caroline Collective this Sunday October 9th. I say fuck that noise. Ian Wells, Phillip Beck, and Matt Wettergreen are totally overlooking the real issues facing the Houston Music Community. So, we’re having our own band camp next month at the Ferrel’s Ice Cream Parlour in Almeda Mall. It will be an entire day of real talk that is unflinching in its gaze at the Houston music community. Here is a listing of our speakers and some of the topics they will be discussing in depth:

Ramon Medina (Free Press Houston / undisclosed band)

  • Who is bringing beer to rehearsal?
  • What happened to our band fund?
  • Where to score weed for Sebadoh!
  • Beau Beasely says “Have no idea what The Wild Moccasins sound like but their singer looks amazing. Sold.” Does he mean Zahira or Cody?

    Marshall Preddy (Bright Men Of Learning)

  • Smoke machine or Dry Ice? SHADOWS OR FOG”
  • Understanding footwear trends: Why New Balance are still the choice for Bands Who Love America!

    Steven Garcia (Something Fierce)

  • Dude, I didn’t even wake up until after lunch. 5a.m. drive from Austin! It’s also my birthday and apparently Niki is cooking everyone some excellent breakfast tacos! YESSSSSSSSSS!

    Matt Brownlie (Bring Back The Guns)

  • All The Unclaimed [FFG] Gear In Our Practice Space: How much do you think we could get for it?

    Justin Crane (NonAlignment Pact/ Ex-Jessica Six/ Ex-TRU Local Show)

  • Adjusting your expectations: What to do when you realize that nobody recognizes your genius.

    Ryan ADR Clark (The Skyline Network)

  • Style and Beauty: There’s a reason one of them is named after Beau.
  • Practicing: It’s hard not to be a shitty band when you’re a shitty band.

    Rosa Guerrero (Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour/ Ditchwater Records)

  • Did you get the memo? How not knowing the difference between a circle pit and a mosh pit can make you “false”.
  • Step by Step Authenticity: How make an “old school” punk rock flyer.
  • Moshi-moshi: How to pick up and phone and invite people to your show.

    Beau Beaseley (Homopolice/ AG82)

  • Don Walsh or Jandek?

    Chris Cascio (Wicked Poseur)

  • someone gives you a hit of acid before you play. is it wrong to start tripping before you play, or is it a requisite?

    April 5k (Alarma / Guitars)

  • How many guitars does Guitars need to truly be guitars?
  • What is the minimum amount of novelty a band must display in order to be accepted as a “must see” band in this town?
  • What is the ratio of cover songs to likability for a Houston band?
  • How much time do you have to spend doing blow with promoters before they start to hand over spots on the big shows?

    Ben Murphy (Bright Men Of Learning/Tody Castillo)

  • Why no number of flyers posters or myspace bulletins will make your band good.

    Melissa Lonchambon (Sharks and Sailors)

  • Shirt right-side out? Or inside out?

  • Band Camp Runs from 12-5pm at Caroline Collective this Sunday October 19th More info at