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Wednesday , 23 January 2013
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The Trip of a Lifetime, Part One.

Last Saturday, on January 12th, a friend of mine, along with his wife, boarded a plane headed for Peru, their ultimate destination being in the mountains near Manchu Picchu. However, this was no ordinary vacation that the two were embarking on. My friend, who we’ll call Steven, and his wife Anne, went to Peru on a mission. They planned to do something that is both extraordinary and incredible; throughout this week, they have been partaking in an ancient Peruvian ritual that extends back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. As I write this, they should be more than ¾’s of ... Read More »

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Finally! Something to Do in Cypress!

If you were as close to giving up on Cypress as I was, you are probably eagerly reading this and desperately waiting for me to get to the point. A new movie theater is opening up in Cypress! Are you still excited? You should be. It’s an Alamo Drafthouse, and Houston needs a lot more of those (how about that proposed midtown location?). Currently, the only other A.D. location in Houston is actually in Katy, off Mason Road. The self dubbed “Coolest Movie Theater in the World” has everything even the most casual movie-goer could want, from all the things ... Read More »

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A Very Metal Birthday

Last Saturday, FPH had the honor of interviewing a legend of American metal, Mr. Bobby Liebling - a songwriter and singer who is the core, soul, and frontman of the highly influential and long-enduring Pentagram. If you aren’t familiar with Bobby Liebling, you can become aquainted with his life story by watching the intensely grounding and well-done documentary Last Days Here, which is available on Netflix. You can also, and should not hesitate to, check out Pentagram’s music. Some suggestions to the unacquainted would be to listen to a comprehensive compilation of the band’s early ’70s material entitled First Daze Here. ... Read More »

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Come Together: The Lone Star Bazaar’s Montrose Sideshow

In a culture dominated by internet shopping, online gaming, and socializing through sites like Facebook and Twitter, the more “connected” we seem to be, somehow, the less connected we feel. That’s where the Lone Star Bazaar comes in. The Lone Star Bazaar is all about getting you off that couch or out of your chair, and into the fresh air and social atmosphere of a market. With lots of locals embracing community driven pop up events like this, it’s obvious that Houston is defining itself. Bringing the community together is a big part of what makes the Lone Star Bazaar ... Read More »

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Slave to the Rave

For some people, partying is just not enough. All the alcohol and all the drugs and all the loud obnoxious music that only exists for that moment is just not enough to quench the beast inside of so many young adults out there. That beast, that party monster, if you will, has been rattling the cage for a while, and this Saturday it may be time to answer the call. This Saturday, December 15th, starting at 9pm and probably ending when someone actually raves themselves into the grave, which we hope isn’t the case, you’ll be able to Rave to ... Read More »

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As the year rapidly approaches its conclusion (which some believe might actually be the last we’ll have on earth), many of you are probably worrying that you haven’t been charitable enough with your lives. I’m one of you, but fear not, for we bring good news. This holiday season, you can be philanthropic AND party at the same time. Houston’s Black Sheep Agency is hosting its 3rd annual Tweet Drive party on December 12th at 7 p.m., an event that will benefit the children and families of the  Houston Area Women’s Center. Getting into the party is easy: Bring in ... Read More »

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Stop, Pop, and Shop

This holiday season, you’ve got a chance to support independent designers at the very First Annual Houston Holiday Pop Shop: Indie Craft Fair, Art and Music Festival. The event will be happening at Summer Street Studios, from 2 to 10pm on Black Friday (November 23rd), and the following Saturday, after Thanksgiving. The event will feature nearly 50 different independent businesses, designers and artists offering contemporary, indie crafts in a much more stimulating environment than a stuffy old mall. AvantGarden will be serving beer, wine and cocktails, and there is no admission fee. You’ll be able to see live acts like ... Read More »

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OKRA Thanksgiving Week

There are no excuses for anyone missing out on good food next week, and if you visit Grand Prize Bar, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy food from many local restaurants. It isn’t just the spirit of the holidays that has Grand Prize hosting a slew of chefs, but also to help raise money to support the Original OKRA Charity Saloon. All food sales go directly to supporting the Charity Saloon. Each day of next week, there will be a new chef from a local restaurant, for six days straight. The food festivities begin on Monday, and will end on ... Read More »

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Damn the Man at Cactus Music

If you haven’t caught it yet, this weekend will be your last chance to catch local theater company BooTown’s live rendition of the 90’s cult-classic movie Empire Records as Damn the Man. The show, which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the original movie, is about a “coming-to-age-in-a-record-store tale” about a group of unique misfits who are united by a cause. The performance of Damn the Man will be at Houston’s first independent record store, Cactus Music, which is obviously fitting (and so “meta”), and should make for a unique performance. I can just imagine the theater company ... Read More »

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WAX is a local art event which will take place on Friday, November 16th. Read More »

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