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Wednesday , 23 January 2013
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Real Talk with zoologist, Jack Hanna

  By Jacob Calle Before there was Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin there was Jack Hanna. The man that started my day as a child in the morning with his animal television programs such as “Zoo Life”. Which in fact I still own the “What’s Up Down Under” episode on VHS. He’s a genuine man that is passionate about his field of study. There are people who want to become a lawyer when they grow up and they end up becoming an electrician. Jack Hanna wanted to work with animals and at 66 he is continuing that five year old ... Read More »

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Mark Rackley: The Most Extreme Camera Man You’ll Ever See

By Jacob Calle There are stars, superstars, and then there is Mark Rackley. The person in front of the camera isn’t always the person that you want to see. Why don’t you look behind the camera at the most extreme cameraman in the world. He’s done film work with predatory animal expert, Manny Puig, filmed “Shark Feeding Frenzy” for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week - which has the all time highest rating for any Shark Week special, filmed for Jackass the Movie and for Wildboyz, and more. His death-provoking camera work has led him to be a legend in the nature ... Read More »

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A picture diary of Fun Fun Fun Fest

By: Jacob Calle Photos by: Jacob Calle and Eric English Cupcakes, bull rides, half pipes, Natalie Portman, world’s first taco cannon, Jurassic Park movie production jackets, world record breaking moments, and tons o’ fun! This year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest was a great triumph to Austin’s 7th year of fucking fun! I’ve been going for the past six years now and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The ramps grew larger with Volcom graphic designer/ Roger skateboard owner, Michael Sieben on deck painting the huge aqua maritime party ramps. The yellow comedy stage has grown from a boxing ... Read More »

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Local Legendary BMX rider, Kyle Bennett passes away last night

By Jacob Calle Conroe native, Kyle Bennet passed away early Sunday morning. While driving on Old 105 when his pick up truck flipped off the road where Kyle was just a few miles from being home. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Kyle was a great role model for BMX riders across America. He just recently entered the BMX Hall of Fame as team captain for US’ Olympic BMX Team in Beijing in 2008. He was also the International Cycling Union’s world champion in 2002, 2003, and 2007. This is a sad day in BMX history. At 33 years old ... Read More »

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Manatee found in Galveston Waters

By Jacob Calle In 1995 a female manatee was found swimming in a waste water treatment plant near downtown Houston. Well it has happened again, but this time in Galveston. A West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) has been spotted in the waters. Sightings of this beautiful endangered animal has been in a canal between Lake Madeline and Offatts Bayou.  This isn’t the only manatee that has found it’s way around the Texas coast line. Heidi Whitehead, stranding coordinator for the Texas Mammal Stranding Network says that there has been sightings in Corpus Christi as well. Other sightings have been discovered ... Read More »

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The Amazing Johnathan performs at Moontower Comedy Festival

There is a lot to say about a man who attempts to saw his own arm off  and eats razor blades for a living. Some would even say he even belongs in a psychiatric ward, and if so. He’s already there, in Las  Vegas where he performs every night at The Harmon Theater. The Amazing Johnathan has been performing since the 80′s wearing his  infamous headband. “In the 80′s there was a lot of drugs and I did  them and it’s where I stored them.” says The Amazing Johnathan. While  he is performing his loud off beat-side street performance he ... Read More »

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At The Drive In’s broken silence

Everyone talked  about purchasing the tickets for this special rare reunion as if it were 9/11.  ”So I was mowing the lawn” “I was clipping my fingernails”…. You get the picture. Everyone had a story to share that ended the same. We were going to all see At the Drive In. (NOTE: I’ve already written this article and polished all of my photos of the night. My computer was killed and nothing was saved so I’m going to rewrite it, but use Brooklyn Vegan’s photos because it took me forever to crop and jazz. Photos by Tim Griffin and a ... Read More »

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At The Drive In plays Texas dates

On At The Drive-In’s Twitter account it read “A single spark can start a spectral fire.” Along with that tweet was another tweet with a picture of Texas with various dots on cities. This was released on April Fool’s Day. What a great day to secretly announce a show. ATDI has already announced their show in Marfa, which sold out under 30 minutes. Their Austin show at Red 7 sold out within 20 minutes. Dallas is next. So keep your ear to the transmission for it will soon be in operation. @atthedrivein PS. Lead singer Cedric is looking for an old ... Read More »

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Exclusive Lisa’s Sons Interview

A Lisa’s Sons show is every bad idea that a 5 year old can come up with while being in time out because he threw and temper tantrum and doesn’t get it’s way. Stefan and Jordan heckling the crowd inbetween songs are just as important as the songs their selves. “I felt like I just bought a pack of cards and opened it up to find nothing but jokers, because that’s what all of you are!” shouts out Stefan at the Warehouse Live show with Fat Tony. There has been people on bicycles crowd surfing at their shows, pizza gets ... Read More »

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