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Wednesday , 23 January 2013
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Another one bites the dust: local promoter Gary Hartman passes away

By Alex Wukman It’s a classic conundrum for a music fan: how do I get people out to see the music I love? In the web 2.5 era-an era defined by social media and smart phones-it’s pretty easy: throw up a Facebook invite and start a twitter account. But back around 1999 and 2000 it was a whole hell of a lot more difficult. And the low turnout to shows at Last Concert Cafe pushed a couple of the least likely guys into the cutthroat world of music promotion. In 2000 physician Alan Friedman, then 43, and law school dean ... Read More »

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Art comes to Bellaire with “It’s a Phase”

By Alex Wukman While most people will be celebrating the highest of the High Holy Days this weekend a spattering of artists will be showcasing various on-site “environmental art” projects at Russ Pitman Park in Bellaire. The exhibit, entitled “It’s a Phase,” features work from notable local luminaries like Emily Sloan and Lina Dib. Curated by Houston based photographer Divya Murthy “It’s a Phase” is a series of collaborative pieces that encourage artists and audience members to explore the history and ecosystems of the four acre wooded park in the middle of the tony inner-loop suburb of Bellaire. In an ... Read More »

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Dancefcking Mijo: a review of Bootown’s latest show

By Alex Wukman When the Bootown crew decided to give their Benshi inspired treatment to the Patrick Swayze classic Roadhouse it seemed like it shouldn’t work. After all, Roadhouse is a beloved part of the 1980′s canon-right up there with The Terminator, Red Dawn and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogalo. For anyone not familiar with Benshi, or those too lazy to click the link, when silent films first came to Japan they were accompanied by a live narrator who-drawing on the Kabuki and Noh tradition-would act out the film by playing characters and relating the film to the audience. In some ... Read More »

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HPD releases incident reports for shotgun party

By Alex Wukman Over a month has passed since an HPD officer pulled a shotgun on a party being thrown by the Houston Free Thinkers. In that time the story went viral and prompted an internal affairs investigation. At the height of the media coverage Free Press Houston did our due diligence and sent in an open records request to get HPD’s side of the story, they just sent it over. And while the results of the investigation and the final outcome of the court case won’t be known for some time, the initial incident reports created by the officer ... Read More »

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HPD arrests Swisha House DJ for noise violation

By Alex Wukman This shit is getting too predictable. Honestly, another week brings another report of HPD overreacting to the noise ordinance. Last week it was a cop pulling a gun this week it’s a report that Dubstep DJ Badbwoy BMC was arrested for an alleged noise violation. Apparently a little after midnight on Wednesday, February 8, an HPD officer rolled up to Mango’s where BMC was working some tracks from his upcoming “Dubbed Out” LP, which drops in March from Swisha House, into his weekly gig. According to BMC, real name Billy McCain, HPD stopping by is all too ... Read More »

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Welcome home, sanitarium: who regulates Texas’ 4,000 unlicensed mental health facilities

By Alex Wukman An ambulance and four HPD cruisers roll up to a non-descript lemon yellow faded-to-almost-white building on Branard, a quiet side street in Montrose. The two or three cars doubling back down their interrupted shortcut doubtlessly think they’ve stumbled onto the scene of an overdose/drug bust. The only detail that doesn’t fit that assumption, a detail all too easily overlooked in the midst of a panicky U-turn, is the long handicapped railing extending from the building. The railing is the only clue that the building is more than just another post-war Faux Victorian in a rapidly gentrifying Inner ... Read More »

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Update: HPD Internal Affairs looking into shotgun incident

By Alex Wukman You’ve either seen it or heard about it. A video that surfaced last week allegedly shows an HPD officer, responding to a noise complaint at a late January party held by the Houston Free Thinkers, pulling a shotgun on a crowd of people. When the social networks the media got a hold of the video it epitomized the virality of the internet and quickly the story seemed to be everywhere in Houston. And it quickly got the people arrested labeled everything from conspiracy theorists to fakers with some commentators even going so far as to say that ... Read More »

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HPD’s comin to get ya

By Alex Wukman It’s that time of the year again, no not the time when the Summer Fest line-up starts trickling out or the time when the Inner Loop is invaded by people who wear Ropers and Wranglers. It’s the time when law enforcement starts clearing warrant backlogs. Yes it’s time for another “Great Texas Warrant Round-Up.” This annual event involves almost every law enforcement agency in the Houston region and is designed to pick up people with any outstanding municipal warrants and innocuous things, like driving with expired tags. The City is so serious about this thinly disguised cash ... Read More »

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Cocktales: love don’t cost a thing

By: Dr. Absinthe Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Meaning that shortly we’ll have a three month reprieve before the next onslaught of having to prove our love through sappy cards, flowers, jewelry, and cheap chocolate. Seriously though, give me 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate or get out of my face.  Now it may sound like I hate Valentine’s Day, and I do. But in my defense, I hate all commercialized holidays and about 85 percent of all things fun. However, I do enjoy spending a day (or more, seriously people, don’t let this be the one day a year ... Read More »

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Harris County DA Pat Lykos’ quest to recreate Watergate

By Alex Wukman This isn’t…there’s no way it can be real. I mean not in two-thousand-and-fucking-twelve. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. The Harris County District Attorney is actually being investigated for using county resources to investigate members of a Grand Jury, two judges and a fucking political opponent. To say that’s some shady-ass shit is to put it mildly. For those of you who don’t follow local criminal justice matters, and if you don’t shame on you, or only know the criminal justice system from inside County Jail or because you got a traffic ticket I’ll try and ... Read More »

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