And why the hell can not 4 guys who go under the moniker of Panda Bear, Geologist, Avey Tare, and Deakin show Houston some weirdness!?! The band gives us their band practice to stardom in 2001 in the attic of Notsuoh. Their sound could easily be compared to an elephant seal blowing his nose through a vocoder. Now the band makes beautiful electronic sounds that is now worth making a “best of” mix with such greats hits as “Peace Bone”, “Bluish”, “My Girls”, and now with their new album “Moon Jock” and “Today’s Supernatural” could easily be tossed in. Animal Collective played last Friday in Austin. The show was relocated to Austin Music Hall from The Backyard due to possible storms. Hell, when Hurricane Katrina came through Stubbs had Arcade Fire and the post-storm made the show magical with strong winds blowing through the trees. So perhaps Animal Collective playing through stormy weather would have done the trick to a perfect outdoor show. Perhaps if they were an organic band like the old days, but they’ve now got electronic keyboards and such.


The boys played a good slab of their new album, Centipede HZ while also pulling out Brother Sport, My Girls, and Peace Bone. Their set was engulfed in neon teeth and claws with beaming lights along with Geo’s one man light show strapped to his forehead. The electronic-psychedelic pop band mixed through improv and rehearsed bits through out the set with unconventional time signatures as the roaring crowd crooned along. They gave you more than a show. Animal Collective gave you an a psychedelic experience that Wayne Cohen would approve of. Animal Collective is one of the most recognizable electronic pop blitz bands out right now and show absolutely no signs of slowing down and they are here to stay. So guys if you are reading this… do us a favor and play Houston. You’ll be doing the environment a favor by not having Houston drive all the way to Austin. Thanks.