by Omar Afra

Our inbox is regularly bombarded with notifications of every happening in this city from every rapper’s new release to heartwarming stories of how Shell donated 18 bux to a kid’s college fund. We are more than desensitized to the absurd and ridiculous coming through every morning. But I got something today that would be comical had it not been true: Rock Springs Apartments at 9000 Town Center Park has sent out letters to all of its residents to report the presence of ” any teenagers or adolescents of the Afro-American race or other suspicious people on the property.” I would have believed this to be some ridiculous claim had the email not included a copy of the letter. The email also claimed that resident Monica Rodriguez has been served a letter stating she must vacate her rental unit ( which was also attached in the email ) as a result of complaining about the overtly racist letter. Upon calling Rock Springs Apartment I was told that the warning about Afro-American teens was indeed published by the property managers yet was refused information as to why this warning had been made and by whom. I asked the employee whether or not she was of afraid of black teens, whether I should be, and whether the long awaited race war would start at this unassuming apartment complex off of Gessner. Either way, if you are looking for a discerning property that goes above and beyond to keep pesky black teens away, this just may be the right place for you. Give them a call today! 713-776-2385

Who are these 'Afro-Americans'? How big are their Afros?

She may have until January 31 to find a new place but it is gonna be hard to find another quality, hate-mongering apartment complex that caters to the bigot within all of us.