Gao Hang’s new exhibition opens at Art League Houston this Friday. The exhibition features an installation of small-scale watercolors from the artist’s diary highlighting his moments of culture shock upon arrival to the United States. Gao Hang (高航), is a Chinese painter and graduate of the School of Fine Art of Capital Normal University (Beijing, China).

Photo: Gao Hang

Currently enrolled in the University of Houston’s painting MFA program, Gao has been active in Houston as an artist for years. As a talented painter and creative, he has worked on many bold bodies of work that have been exhibiting all around the city and region. His work has been showcased locally at Anya Tish Gallery, Lawndale Art Center, Second Bedroom Gallery, and in Beijing and Guangzhou at various locations.

Hang’s work is bright and vibrant and oftentimes heavy with humor, surprise, and the awkward revelations of the everyday. He is influenced by Eastern philosophy, particularly the doctrine of Zhongyong, a practice of balance and harmony. He uses this as both a conceptual and structural armature, and as a result his works offer a sense of rational and stable readability.

Photo: Gao Hang

Building upon his optimism of his experience as a foreigner, Gao collects every interesting moment of daily life and culls from this “database” in his newest body of work opening up this Friday. Branching away, yet still holding on to his delicate brush work, Gao’s work on display are a series of fun and playful watercolors and works on paper. Pulling from his “database” and daily drawing diary, he creates a dialog of his findings and a fresh look at his Texas home.

This collection of drawings, previously published into a book, is a fun and wild view from the outside looking in. It’s true that we Houstonians and Texans are an odd bunch, and Hang captures these little reminders with perfection and Hockney-like dedication. Gao Hang new show at Art League is a gem and is much anticipated this Friday.

Gao Hang’s Good Times, Bad Times, Give Me Some of That opens Friday, Jan. 26 at 6pm and runs through March 10, 2018