2 Days in New York, opening this weekend at the downtown Sundance, hands down deserves your laughs. This is a funny film; in fact if it weren’t for Ted, I’d say 2 Days in New York is the funniest film this year. Chris Rock and Julie Delpy topline as a couple in Manhattan coping with Delpy’s relatives from France, with Delpy also helming.

In a sense, the film is a sequel to Delpy’s (2007) 2 Days in Paris, with some of the same characters playing her family. 2DINY finds Delpy and Rock establishing the bonds of their nuclear family while dealing with the comic situations that arise from her Dad, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, who’s also her former boyfriend. While the family has shown up for a brief visit it seems that they might be there forever, at least until the boyfriend gets deported for smoking pot in front of a police station. Dylan Baker and Kate Burton are nosy neighbors, and playing himself to great effect is Vincent Gallo.

One might be tempted to draw a line connecting the humor in 2 Days to the kind of neurotic misunderstandings that pop up in Woody Allen’s more wacky New York set films. The laugh lines come fast with Rock especially showing a wide range in his interpretation of a regular guy (Mingus) whose liberal views are tempered by a conservative need to be complacent. This is Rock mining a real character, not just doing stand-up shtick. 2 Days in New York shows off Manhattan as a cool place to live but also a giant stew of compromise. By the end all the characters have been gently brought down from their lofty goals to stand on their feet.

— Michael Bergeron