Elizabeth Rhodes

White Nationalists Bring Hateful Garbage to Houston

White Nationalists Bring Hateful Garbage to Houston
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Race hate has reared its ugly head in Houston this week under the auspices of a white nationalist and fascist group known as Identity Evropa.


On July 3, the group posted photos to social media channels of signs located around Houston bearing black-and-white images of Greek statues and slogans such as “Protect Your Heritage” and “Our Future Belongs to Us.” Other gems include: “Become Who We Are,” “Serve Your People,” “Our Destiny is Ours” and “Let’s Become Great Again.” That last one sounds vaguely familiar, but I guess I can’t quite place where it came from?


Based on photos posted to the group’s Facebook page, at least 13 signs were placed in downtown and the Museum District, although by July 6, three of the five posters Free Press Houston was able to locate had already been removed and we found great joy in ripping down the other two.


The “American based identitarian organization” is “dedicated to educating the people of European heritage about the importance of a Eurocentric identity,” according to the group’s Facebook page. So, yeah, they’re neo-Nazis parading around under the guise of wanting to “protect their hertitage.” (Typical.)


The hate group is led by Nathan Damigo, a veteran and former leader of the National Youth Front (NYF), the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party. Again, they are neo-Nazis, but they don’t want to call themselves that because I guess that might make people not like them very much. After holding a rally at University of California, Berkeley in May 2016 — one which vowed to create a “safe space for Europeans” — Identity Evropa began the poster campaign in southern California that soon extended across the country.


Between July 3 and 5, the group posted photos to their Facebook and Twitter accounts showing dozens of posters from 19 cities across the nation, using the July 4 holiday — along with the hashtag “#fashthecity” — to promote their “cause.”


Given that a certain orange-faced blow-hard reality star is known for spewing race hate whenever he has the chance makes the existence of this “alt-right” group far less surprising than it should be. The crazies exist and this time they thought they would really make an impact with a few signs. With a whopping 3,761 bigots “liking” their Facebook page after months of heavy campaigning, they’re clearly doing a great job. At least we know where to find them now.

  • Taylor Greenwald

    This is the same fear-motivated behavior that has many social classes and ethnic groups in chains. We ought to find a way to target a broader fear-based ideology that causes most people to identify more strongly with their own in-group ideologies and shared socio-cultural-ethnic groups. Jews are no different. Arabs no different. Western Europeans no different. Hispanics no different. Let us be careful no to point the finger. Really really careful not to make broad sweeping judgments about other people.

    Take a leap of courage and humility and find somebody.. anybody who may seem or appear different from yourselves. If you look closely you might be surprised to find you have some things in common. Good food is something that comforts all of us for instance.. it is also a great conversation starter. Cheers!

  • John McKenna

    Nathan Damigo is an approachable guy. I’m sure he’d be happy to discuss anything with you.

  • azrael777

    If you have to hide from the argument, you’re probably wrong

  • jasonadel

    Keep up the good work goys!

  • The Puppetmaster

    Very cool posters! Wow!

  • FredAGunter

    Nice interview on TRS guys.

  • Nerdy Scumbag

    I thought they looked cool and said positive things.

  • Spencelarian Pan-Autiste

    “So, yeah, they’re neo-Nazis parading around under the guise of wanting to “protect their hertitage.” ”

    So what do you think their real agenda is?

  • Middle man

    These people are idiots but to be fair………….

    Perhaps they are telling people to SHUT UP because they are the same old arguments from people of a different color who don’t and can’t understand them?

    Now see how people of all colors sound divisive at times?

  • Jay S

    Why is this hateful? I don’t get it.

  • adolf binladin

    BLM burns down Dallas and kills cops all over the country and the whites trying to get their people to take their own side are the problem, right……

  • zigzzagz

    I’m so proud of these guys. Whites should be in control of their own destiny.

  • Fands

    Lefties frothing at the mouth again, I see.

  • Reinhard_Wolff

    Hmm, I don’t see anything hateful about those posters — or anything on Identity Evropa’s website, for that matter.

    People have been duped into thinking that any type of white American identity is inherently evil and dangerous. It’s not.

    And you know what? People are waking up to this. Cries of “RACISM” and “HATE” are starting to be seen for what they really are: juvenile and duplicitous rhetoric employed to ensure that white Americans can NEVER pursue their group/ethnic interests, such as not being replaced by non-White/non-Americans or not having uncivilized/dangerous minorities shipped into peaceful white communities through HUD programs.

  • Robert Johnson

    “Our Destiny is Ours” Isn’t screaming white power. It’s saying, regardless of the Anti-White culture, we are not going to let others dictate our future. We are not going to buy into guilt and shame. It says to me that we (as a people with a culture) are not going to let you shame us any longer. And….I can get behind that message. Fuck what you “think” you know.

    • jasonadel


  • Robert Johnson

    Geezus. Everything that European people do is now “Nazi” or “supremacist”. For fuck sake, I don’t see anything other than a statue of a European and words to encourage their community. You know, the same fucking thing all other races are currently doing. I bet if this was a Black group, posting a message for their community, this wouldn’t be news. It wouldn’t be an issue. Really, you retards act as if there’s swastikas and burning crosses on these flyers. Pathetic.

  • traw

    How is Identity Evropa a terrorist organization? Have they killed anyone?

    • Neverendermx

      You mean white racist people? Are you asking me have white racist people killed anyone?? Lol really?? What do you imply this group of people are intending to do anyways? Bring good to the community by parading around the white race? It’s funny how you guys are so scared to show your faces when you “use your right of freedom of expression”. You love to say how you really feel under that white hood but you’re too ashamed to take actual pride in it.

      • traw

        No… I meant Identity Evropa, that’s what I said . Also, “racist white people” isn’t an organization.
        I don’t see a problem with celebrating your heritage. Every heritage has something good to offer to the world.
        Also, are you calling me a KKK member? Not surprised, usually when leftists are losing an argument they resort to name calling. And maybe the reason why people are afraid of speaking out their opinion is because elitist narrowsighted neo-liberal assholes like you make it so hard to say anything without being called KKK, nazi, bigot, racist, etc…

        • Neverendermx

          Ooooh now you don’t see a problem but whenever another race does it then it’s a problem whyyyy? Because poor wittle white man wants to be proud of his heritage too? Wittle ol Jimmy wants to have culture. Awwww… Blame your murderous, raping, slave owning pig ancestors NOT me!

          • traw

            Ok you’re arguing like a child, I’ve obviously ticked you off. Please take a deep breath and just try to keep this discussion civil because we could both learn from it. Anyways, I don’t see a problem when another race is proud of their culture. Like I said a couple times already, every race should be proud! Every race has offered good to this world, and every race has offered bad to this world. It’s not bad to be proud of the good. My problem with BLM is that they have rioted and vandalized and stolen and MURDERED police. They can be proud all they want, if I was black I would be proud of my culture and what my ancestors had to overcome. But I wouldn’t ruin anyone else’s day while showing my pride.

          • Neverendermx

            I hear you and I apologize for my name calling. I am not black but I don’t have to be to feel the frustration of another race. You said it yourself, if you were black you would want to feel proud of what your ancestors have overcome….what if people were threatening to take it back from you? Has it really overcome? The white race is the only race that can stop this. Lay down the stereotypes and believe just as anyone can be bad that they can also be great. We both know that the pigment of our skin doesn’t determine who’s a thief, murderer, rapist, drug dealer etc. and making groups such as Evropa doesn’t make things better only worse so why support it??

          • traw

            I accept your apology. I don’t think groups like Evropa are making the situation any worse, they are just providing a dose of logic into the conversation. They’re saying that they can be proud too, and as long as they aren’t trying to bring other races down I don’t see the problem with it. And it’s not like I’m supporting this group, I’m just letting them be, because they have the right to express their feelings just like you and I do. That’s the cold hard truth in the grand scheme of things.

          • Neverendermx

            That’s fine but what do they have to be proud about? We all know why black people need to feel proud. If I’m not mistaken there’s already multiple groups of white groups that evidently only support segrational hate. You’re Asian….what if people enslaved your heritage, then set you free because your ancestors fought and died for it. After hundreds of years of still being called a gook and having cops typically shooting your people because of the stereotypes your race, then the Asians stand up and say alright we had enough and create a group to support and defend each other from a fail system. Then the people who hate you say..”if those terrorist Asians can be proud then why can’t I”?! And you say…for what? For doing doing what you’re heritage did instead of helping me forget?

          • traw

            I completely understand your point and it is valid. But again, every heritage has something to be proud about. White people invented democracy, modern medicine, air and space programs, and countless other really good things for the world. Just because their ancestors may or may not have had slaves doesn’t mean they can’t be proud. And BLM is NOT about black pride. It’s about getting back at white people. To be clear, I’m not a fan of police and I don’t trust them. But most of these scenarios have been fabricated like the like brown “hands up don’t shoot”. It was proven that his hands weren’t up. And trayvon Martin. The (Hispanic) cop may have been wrong to follow him in the neighborhood, but trayvon was even more wrong to start bashing his head into the curb. I could go on and on about these scenarios, but in the end BLM is about black power over whites not equality

          • Neverendermx

            Lol many races invented those things as well as many innovations from those aspects, whites may have came up with them first because they denied educational privileges and made it harder to get recognized. Blacks didn’t decide one day to just do this for fun, they did it to stand up towards racial profiling and being killed by cops who were trying to cover it up. The truth is different races get killed by cops every day but how many of them fail to cover up? That is the reason, not all the cops were white but they sure as hell used racial profiling and that is what needs to stop.

        • Neverendermx

          I truly think people wouldn’t have to be proud of their culture if there wasn’t a group of hateful people trying to define it…your hate makes them stronger and encourages the movement.

          • traw

            I don’t hate anybody. I think BLM is an illegitimate representation of black pride.

            Also, I think you’re correct about how people wouldn’t have to go out of their way to show pride if there wasn’t a group trying to put them down. I don’t think there necessarily has to be a group putting them down, but often that’s the case. My guess is that that’s how Identity Evropa was formed. They’re sick and tired of people bashing white people and white culture and they’re trying to prove that you shouldn’t be afraid to have European heritage. Which I think is ok, they should be proud. As an Asian, I’m very proud of my ancestors and my culture.

          • Neverendermx

            Maybe that’s true but the chain reaction needs to be broken because it’s getting old…

  • Jordan Smith

    If one where to say that a protection group for the endangered species- black rhino was BAD A HATEFUL because they wanted to protect that specific species of rhino everyone would think that person was crazy. The same could be said for white people that have the basic human right to preserve there own heritage,culture,and color. Its delusional to think that whites do not have a specific culture and heritage, all across the western civilizations, we are generally the same. So wanting to preserve that is racist,bad, and becoming of being a nazi? Alright well, I’ll be a racist and a nazi then. I love my people, my heritage, my culture. Surely, I won’t be going over to africa, or mexico trying to say that they’re people shouldn’t be proud of who they are and want to preserve there own. But, Why in all Western Civilizations is it condemned to believe in that. Honestly, scary the thought process thats sweeping across the world against whites.Makes me wonder who is promoting these sorts of ideals… maybe Zionist Jews? It is predicted that by 2060, white population around the world to 10%.You would have to be crazy to not be a white nationalist. Every western civilization that the world enjoys today is from white people. I guess if you want to live in a world of rampant crime, high stds, mud huts, aids, bombings, and mass killings, no basic human rights, you would want whites out of the picture. If you can’t make a basic observation about the rest of the races and there achievements and compare it to whites and conclude everyone on the planet has benefited from us then your in for a serious wakeup call in the coming years. Whites are the best bet for everyone. If anything, you should want to help preserve our race for your benefit.

  • muscle mike

    White revolution is the only solution!!

  • D Riley

    This is why I don’t support their events anymore. They are left wingers and as far as I’m concerned, the left is tearing this country apart. The left has the media by the balls and the media is pushing this agenda hard. Every time a black guy gets shot, they’re all over racist issues and bad cops. If you google cop shootings in 2015, you might be surprised to learn that people of all races are victims, even deserving in most cases. As long as media keeps pushing they’re agenda, we as a nation are becoming more and more divided. Transgender bathrooms, racism, woman’s rights, etc. Its all bullshit that’s leading us to civil war in my mind. Not saying I know everything or that I’m right. But being a registered republican who thinks my party is part of the government game as well, I’m disappointed in the path we are heading. I am slightly more libertarian than anything which means, I do my thing, you do yours. I don’t gain from disrespecting you and you should feel the same. I have no enemies nor try to make them. I think majority of the people in this country actually want to live peaceful lives and enjoy their lives. Most have good intentions. Most have families. Most like to get together in peacfull settings. Etc,etc. Why the hell then are we feeling hatred towards each other. Media Bullshit. Everyone has a right to free speech and that’s good. Let these radicals have theirs. Besides, why should we care, they make up .0000000001% of the population. They’re not going anywhere with these radical views.
    I’m not a good writer as you may tell but I do know one thing. We can all ban together and become a powerful nation if we would just stop absorbing all the media and biased bullshit that’s constantly hitting us every day. We need to wake the f up and become one because most of us want peaceful lives

  • Paul Morals

    FPH. Your desperation to brand white peoples as Nazis is pathetic. Your founder is a Lebanese American leftist who backs Palestine, and yet never mentions the atrocities of Zionest Jews or Isreal. Typical leftist cowards.

    • Puntingon1stDown

      These guys are Nazis because they are Nazis, not because they are white.

      • theroughbeast

        If you think they’re Nazis you really need to evaluate your definition of the ideology.

  • Mr.MiloJenkins

    What is hateful about loving your heritage and wanting your people to do well? The future cat lady that wrote this tripe has clearly swallowed the cultural Marxist Kool-Aid.

  • Nockular cavity

    Ugh. Go back to Europa, then.

  • Perry McBride

    In view of continuing destruction of cultural heritage sites and antiquities by ISIS, the posters call attention to the urgency of protecting notable examples of Western civilization – the same heritage which allows rational discourse in place of gleeful vandalism of others’ ideas. If you profess to be an enlightened proponent of reasonable dialogue, why not behave like you mean just that, instead of trampling on the free exchange of ideas? theocracy is inimical to democracy

    • Dean Davis

      Doesn’t it seem kind of weird to you that you’re advocating for respect by black people for a heritage that has spent literal centuries subjugating, enslaving, and abusing them? I think that a little impassioned and unreasonable behavior is justified, in light of the fact that white supremacy is something that has survived attempts to dismantle it through “rational discourse” for hundreds of years so far.

      • Perry McBride

        You’re conflating two different issues. Western civilization is the best hope for us all. Barack Obama’s election cuts the legs from under your argument. Of course, you can take your chances with black self-governance; just be extra sure to choose sides wisely (Hutu? Tutsi? Oh what the heck, just put me on the team which has the shiny machetes!) Or you can cast your lot with the Muslims (let’s spend Christmas in Darfur; I hear the Janjaweed throw the best rape parties!) There exists today outright enslavement of blacks (and others) in certain parts of the world, none of which honor western cultural heritage. Conscientious Western civilizations reject subjugation, enslavement, and abuse of any race – black included – if only for the reason that fair dealing makes the ‘others’ better consumers and citizens. I find the argument that “a little unreasonable behavior is justified” suspect when it’s unclear who will do the judging.

        • Dean Davis

          Thank you for sidestepping a coherent response by just name-checking a bunch of atrocities. None of that had anything to do with my point. Slow down and say one thing at a time if you’re going to cast about that wildly.

          • Perry McBride

            You’re welcome!

          • Perry McBride

            By the way, surely you’ve heard about the “impassioned and unreasonable” behavior this evening in Dallas. That’s the kind of dialogue certain to advance American race relations into the mid-nineteenth century.

          • Dean Davis

            I’m not sure why you would expect me to feel anything good about cops getting shot. Nothing about my support for black Americans and my attempts to empathize with them contradicts a desire for peace and safety for everyone. So either let me up on your high horse, or get down off of it.

          • ML

            I wonder if you’ve ever paused mid-rationalization and just thought, “Damn, I’m so slick at this blatant sophism stuff!”

            >desires “peace and safety”
            >cheers on dindu murderers

  • Anarchitex

    Taking down Nazi art is censorship, but so is taking down child pornography. Sometimes it is OK to censor. Racist propaganda is outside of the parameters of many people’s standards, at least it should be. Hate speech is not free speech because it has historically led to mass violence and immense sociopathology. Relax your fascist sphincter muscle, we are not firebombing Dresden.

    • theroughbeast

      An avocation group for whites =/= Nazi and posting posters that are positive for whites =/= hate speech.

      • Anarchitex

        The people that put up these posters represent an organization with a racist/separatist agenda and they put up art that they believe represents Eurocentric whiteness. Being objective will include their propaganda agenda unless you are a real dumb ass.

        • theroughbeast

          Oh that’s right. I forgot that whiteness = oppression and as long as your not white you are free to promote your race and ethnic identity.

          • Anarchitex

            Promoting whiteness in a white dominated society is a whitewash and a thin veil for KKK shit. Advocating for minority status is promoting equilibrium via multicultural diversity. Fuck all the Eurocentric Nazi bastards and anyone else advocating separation.

          • theroughbeast

            It must be convenient that you can dismiss people who disagree with your world-view by labeling them KKK or racist and no one bats at eye at the blatant strawman. The United States is not a white dominated society. Our society openly ostracizes anything that promotes whiteness which seems odd considering you claim that it is white dominated.
            But you’re fine for other groups being ethnically-centric (Chicano culture), but through some dark magics, whites are bad and shouldn’t be allowed to promote their culture or ethnicity.

            Diversity literally translates to less white people. South Texas is not in need of “diversity” because it is 90%+ Hispanic. No one argued for ‘diversity’ in my classroom because I was one of the few white children in the entire school. It was implied that it was already diverse because there were so few white people. I would love to see the rationalization for this genocidal behavior.

            Any idiot can see the demographic trends. The fact that whites not being the demographic majority is being celebrated says A LOT about how whites are viewed, and also goes against your “white dominated society” claim.

          • theroughbeast

            Do you read what you write? Does every other country that promotes their own society engage in “thin veil for KKK shit”? Or is it uniquely whites that have to atone for things that every other group (including ‘minorities’) did? Multiculturalism is a progressive sham that holds zero credence outside the fact it sounds good. It’s effectively soft genocide.

            How is it “KKK shit” to advance a majority group’s status?

            “Fuck all the Eurocentric Nazi bastards and anyone else advocating separation.”
            How eloquent. So BLM advocated for segregation is not a problem, but whites wanting a political interest group for whites is. Even though identity politics is rip roaring in the good ol’ USA you only have a problem with whites organizing as whites. The double standard is fucking amazing.

  • So any identity is terrible except African and gay identity, Liz? FP is so blind and biased it cannot see that there is good in other identities including identities with a white background! ‘GASP’! Of course neo-nazism is terrible but grouping all European identity with neo-nazi is ridiculous and you know it, Liz. Great work.

    • Dean Davis

      No one said that.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        They did. That’s quite literally what the entire article is, calling a white Identitarian group “Nazis.”

        • Dean Davis

          Yes, it is doing the thing you said. But you’ll notice that the commenter made a number of claims. Only one of them (that she’s “grouping all European identity with neo-nazi”) is even half-true, and the word “all” in there shoots it past reasonable to hyperbole. Even you are tacitly acknowledging that, in changing “all” to “a” in your own restatement of the point.

          So, no. No one said that. I’m not saying that you have to agree with the article. But isn’t it reasonable to ask that we not just make wild, unsupported, and overreaching claims? Especially if that’s what we’re mad at the author for doing.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I take it that you don’t know what white Identitarianism is.

          • Dean Davis

            No, I haven’t heard of that before.

            Looking briefly at sites that attempt to explain it, my broad takeaway is that it’s an attempt to claim white pride outside of the context of nationalist violence and racism of the past.

            If that’s true, then hey, good luck guys. If their aim is peaceful and loving toward others, then I want them to succeed. But it’s tricky, isn’t it? As we’ve learned from the American propensity to categorize all black men as dangerous-by-default, it’s hard to distinguish between people who mean well and people who don’t unless we move beyond the defensive need to reject the opposition’s anger. White identitarianists have a LOT to prove before that anger settles down enough for them to be heard, precisely because of the vast history of violence and oppression that “white” identities tend to carry with them.

            It’s true that what I’m saying amounts to profiling, and I don’t know that there’s necessarily a clean way to distinguish between this, which I feel is justified, and racial profiling against black men and women, which I feel is not justified. We need a much more patient conversation if we’re going to untangle difficult conflicts like that.

          • theroughbeast

            I know I’m late to the party, but I cannot help but say that the current social climate of immediately blaming white males of racism, accusing whites of bigotry, and saying whites are inherently bigoted gives a lot of grounds to people who support groups like this.

            The amount of public figures slandering white males for being white men is fucking ridiculous. Public shootings always delight progressives who make sure to signal their non-bigotry by blaming white males before ANYTHING about the situation is known.

            Whites have divorced the idea of “white as a group” from their political conscious and groups like this are a return of that thinking. I believe it’s a much needed change.

          • Dean Davis

            it’s hard to find a message that both addresses the problem we’re all seeing and respects the experience of the population in which the problem is occurring. I’m a white dude too, so I get that there’s definitely a growing recognition of the mistrust of people like me and you. Where I think our perspectives diverge is that I don’t think there’s anything new about that mistrust. I think what’s new is that those voices are being promoted, where they once weren’t.

            I understand the desire for a safe identity that white men can participate in, but I don’t think that trying to “take back whiteness” is the answer. As we’ve seen with the integration of various European and Asian identities into “whiteness”, it has nothing really to do with skin color and everything to do with an absence of participation in a community to which members are tied. “Whiteness” is a term for the alienated, comfortable, ignorant, rich people who demand that everyone else clean up, conform to their standards, and buy their products.

            Don’t think that sounds like you? I don’t think it sounds like me either! Well, okay, it does sound like me, but I don’t want it to. I don’t want to identify with that. So I try not to. Not that I’m saying I’m not white. I definitely am. But that’s not the identity I want to stake my strength and my pride to. I don’t know what else to identify with, but I’m starting to look.

            What I’ve found in my own life is that, as long as I’m not defending or participating in the things that people hate about “white people”, no one really has a problem with me. I’ve let go of it as something I worry about, and the result has been that I feel more comfortable in connecting with other people who are different than me, because I’m not holding on to this identity that is associated with so much pain for so many people.

            I know that not everyone has that option available, and I’m not sure what we can do about that. But trying to reclaim whiteness is as much of a dead end as the Confederate flag, religious intolerance, and male domination of public life. They’re all things that we’ve allowed ourselves to be proud of in the past, but which people are (I think justly) pressuring us to let go of. It’s not that we’re evil or bad – it’s that some of the things that many of us don’t want to give up are things that have hurt the people who are mad at us.

          • theroughbeast

            What I fail to understand is why those now promoted voices are legitimate and white males are not. By saying white males voices are not, I mean white men are actively shut down from voicing their opinion if it runs counter to progressives.

            I completely disagree with Europeans and Asians integrating. Firstly, the “Asians” are not the common Western image of Chinese, but rather Moslems from the Middle East. These are people who are not interested in integration anymore than whites are interested in integrating them. It is not the job of Europeans to accept demographic suicide in their own countries. Second, the groups that have successfully integrated, namely the Sikhs in the UK, have done so by respect, not shoving their culture, religion or virtues on the British and maintain a distinct, but separate, society. What is currently occurring is nothing short of genocide. As it currently stands whites are to be minorities in several European countries, whites are set to be minorities in the USA within a few decades. People, such as myself, view this as a result of progressive policies that actively go against whites and a white society. I don’t have a problem identifying as white, and I fail to understand why I shouldn’t identify as such when I grew up in an area where Hispanics were 60%+ the population. My school was 75%+ Hispanic and was not considered in need of diversity because of the lack of white people. Yet Hispanics routinely celebrated their culture, their society, their being Hispanic. In the West, diversity translates directly to less white people and I fail to understand how that is a good thing.

            “I’m not holding on to this identity that is associated with so much pain for so many people.”
            I feel like this is the root of the problem. It is not my fault that people who happened to look like me did shitty things to people who looked like you a few decades or centuries ago. There is nothing I can do to resolve it and expecting me to because of my skin color is asinine. However this line of thinking is promoted in our society and I would say people are fed up with it. Groups like this are a result of it.
            This idea also sets the dangerous precedent that if you have a grievance against a certain group you can claim reparations because of past events. I have seen several people argue that whites are not suffering so it is not necessary that they ask for reparations, to which one must ask A) what makes you an arbiter of suffering, and B) how does one quantify suffering?

            I’m sorry for the incoherent rant.

          • Dean Davis

            First, I believe that we can in fact say without qualification that many people who are white ARE suffering. Many people reject that, but in doing so what they’re actually attempting to reject is the act of interrupting the conversation they’re trying to have about their suffering. It’s not that suffering doesn’t exist in white lives, or that it’s not important. Consider – the people who are rejecting your suffering are people who are having experiences exactly like the one you’re describing, of erasure and “cultural genocide” and unfair expectation based on skin color. In demanding that people of other races respect your suffering as a white person, you’re asking them to spare compassion for members of a group against which they have a justifiable grievance.

            You’re not the one who did shitty things to people for centuries, and it’s hard to understand what responsibility you could possibly have for what happened in the past. But the same can be said of the people demanding that you take responsibility. Their parents and grandparents going back hundreds of years were abused and neglected and enslaved and killed by white people. There’s nothing anyone can say to deny that. And considering how recently our society has started attempting to change this, it’s easy to find ways in which those people are still suffering the effects of those centuries of discrimination. There are still people alive today who lived in times where minorities could not use the same facilities and services as white people. No matter what we suffer, it’s flatly undeniable that non-white people in America, as a group, bear a burden far heavier than white people as a group.

            I say “as a group” because of course you’re going to have situations on both sides where the average doesn’t fit. Some non-white people are extremely successful. Some white people are extremely disadvantaged. We can’t and shouldn’t deny those things. But how we address them is a discussion that we’re not having in any coherent fashion, and that’s a problem.

            Thing is – you say that white male voices are not promoted as legitimate. But I would politely direct your attention to the racial makeup of the governments and corporate controllers of our world. Yes, we have a black president. He’s also the FIRST black president in a country that’s been around for hundreds of years. And Congress is still 80% white. And 80% male. Tell me with a straight face how it is that white males can legitimately say they’re underrepresented when white males hold 80% of the positions in the most powerful governing body in the nation. And the same patterns hold true at almost every level of our society.

            If you feel like your voice isn’t welcome, it’s because there are already so many white men talking all the time and drowning out the voices of non-white people that a lot of us are tired of hearing them. If you don’t feel heard despite that fact, then maybe it’s because the white men who are talking aren’t even representing you. To me, the appropriate response is to work to shut them up, so that actual people, white and non-white, can have a chance to speak. But as it stands now, you’re getting shafted by the white dudes in power too. Sucks, doesn’t it?

          • theroughbeast

            “I would politely direct your attention to the racial makeup of the governments and corporate controllers of our world. ”
            The danger of citing those individuals is that you imply they care for whites, or that because they are white they somehow support me because of my skin color.
            They don’t, and never have. Whereas advocacy group such as La Raza, NAACP, NCLP and others openly advocate for individuals based on race and are not called, but when whites do it it is seen as inherently bad. That is the flaw within this article.

            “Congress is still 80% white. And 80% male. Tell me with a straight face how it is that white males can legitimately say they’re underrepresented when white males hold 80% of the positions in the most powerful governing body in the nation.”
            Under representation is not the issue. Again, those people don’t give two shits about me, or my skin color. It also stands to reason that if the overwhelming majority of the country is white, those in power will be as well. I am arguing that white males are shut out for being white males. Progressives only allow bigotry when it works in their favor.

            “there are already so many white men talking all the time and drowning out the voices of non-white people”
            And that makes a person’s opinion inherently less valuable?

            “the white men who are talking aren’t even representing you.”
            I know this. People still attack me for them as though I share a bond with them.

            “To me, the appropriate response is to work to shut them up, so that actual people, white and non-white, can have a chance to speak.”
            I fundamentally disagree. I am a nationalist and believe that separate groups should remain separate, but not refrain from interacting and benefiting one another. What we have is multiple different groups trying to attack white males for being white males.

          • Dean Davis

            I don’t think it’s controversial to claim that white people will, by default, represent the concerns of white people more accurately and thoroughly than they will non-white people. You read more American news than Japanese, I would imagine, in large part because you know English but not Japanese, so there’s just more of one than the other available to you (if you do know and read Japanese then my bad, switch my example to a different language and it still holds). It’s not a bad thing to represent the perspective you’re coming from, no matter what it is, and I don’t think white men are alone in doing that. Everyone does it. You can’t not do it.

            I’m not sure I understand what white people are being shut out of if underrepresentation isn’t the issue. And I also don’t think that the number of white voices makes white people’s opinions inherently less valuable. However, if you want to talk about whether white voices are valuable *within a certain context*, then I do think that the number of people speaking matters to deciding that.

            Like it or not, these people who don’t represent you *do* share a bond with you. I mean, you’re talking about claiming white pride, so how is it that they don’t?

            The thing that’s at the root of all of this stuff is institutional power. White men (not you or me, but white men) have always held power, and have always written the rules in ways that generally favor themselves. Not out of malice, necessarily, but out of simple concern for their own situation and that of the others around them (who are usually white, because people do tend to self-segregate into communities of similar people).

            Attacks on white males are not really about your gender or skin color, they’re about the imbalance of institutional power that has always come along with white male identity. You’re not benefiting from it as much as you’d like, and that’s a real problem in your life that you deserve help with. But asking for help with it from non-white people who, on average, have it worse? That’s like asking a grieving mother to comfort you because her dead child was your friend. It’s the wrong direction.

            White men do need to come together, but not to messages to any other group. We need to help each other deal with the particular burdens of understanding what guilt and shame is appropriate for us to take on based on our social position, how to cope with what *is and should be* our loss of some power and control and advantage in society as women and non-white groups gain leverage, and how to change our identity into something that can start to make amends for the damage that’s been done by our forebears and fellow white men.

            What’s missing there is the defensive posturing, the outward aggression, and the cries of hypocrisy. We need to help people stop relying on those things to protect themselves, rather than doing things that encourage them to lean on tools of anger and hate to get what they want.

          • theroughbeast

            “In demanding that people of other races respect your suffering as a white person, you’re asking them to spare compassion for members of a group against which they have a justifiable grievance.”

            What is to stop restorative justice from continually indicting groups who wronged others?
            Who is the arbiter? What are the parameters that satisfy an injustice? How does one measure an injustice of this scale and consider it repaid?

            I contend that you cannot as there will always be dissidents, and doing so would do nothing but inflame populations.

        • All American Chutzpah

          What do we call Israel?

    • Puntingon1stDown

      Racists got some angry feels.

  • Jenna Boom

    Pathetic. YOUR interpretation of these posters is the garbage. Reporting on it is one thing. Give your opinion, sure. But to vandalize….nope. Thug in itself. You do not represent all of FPH. Education can’t buy class. smh

  • Anarchitex

    We must fight them in the streets by doing everything the Nazis hate, by pasting up posters of degenerate art, driving crappy American cars, and public demonstrations of miscegenation. Kissing will kill them like the germs in that sci-fi movie War of the Worlds.

    • Mungo Dillsnick

      Loves me some Anarchitex. “Pimps and presidents have the same job.”

      • Anarchitex

        Thanks Mungo. That was my other band, The Beatless.

        • Mungo Dillsnick

          So Anarchitex never played it? I have some foggy distant memory of seeing it performed live. Maybe I just heard it on cassette, LOL.

          • Anarchitex

            Beatless did it at Sound Exchange when we opened for Talk Sick Brats. I put that song to rest when Obama got elected.

  • Mungo Dillsnick

    Tearing down the posters is not so much an act of censorship as much as it is a hearty “FUCK YOU” to neo-snotzis and their sympathizers and apologists.

    • Mr.MiloJenkins

      Bro, so edgy. Do you own a Guy Fawkes mask by chance?

      • Mungo Dillsnick

        How did you know?

    • theroughbeast

      Convenient that anything that promotes white people is “Nazi”.

  • Jeff

    As despicable as the group’s views may be, this writer, and by extension the FP, is advocating censorship. That’s not what we do in America.

    • Dean Davis

      Tearing down a group’s posters is not censorship. Censorship implies an official capacity or authority, which no one in this interaction has. This is just vehement and unsportsmanlike disagreement. And that’s what America was FOUNDED on, man. I say rip ’em down.

      • Jeff

        The government is not the only entity capable of engaging in censorship, it is just that when it does is often unconstitutional or, at a minimum, particularly odious. America was not founded on physically destroying speech — it was founded on engaging in more speech. If you are fine with this, then you must be fine with people tearing down speech reflecting causes you approve, and I doubt that is the case.

        • Dean Davis

          I am fine with people tearing down whatever they want to. Tearing down things I disagree with is a form of speech on my part.

          As far as America’s history – what do you call famous events like the Boston Tea Party then? American colonists were in open revolt against their government, refusing to obey decrees, destroying goods, tarring and feathering the would-be enforcers of rules. That’s part of our proud heritage, and it’s a whole lot more extreme than tearing down posters.

    • ML

      Yea dude. Censorship isn’t censorship when you agree with the person doing the censoring. Not slippery self-serving logic at all. Fuckin Nazis.

  • Mungo Dillsnick

    What the fuck is an “evropa?”

  • Neverendermx

    Thanks for tearing it down before I did! Hateful stuff like that doesn’t NEED to be out there. These people on here backing them up only proves who they are and what they support. SMH…you know if you’re really down for all that I heard Britain is where you racist should go. But isn’t that hypocritical to want to be like the country that your ancestors risked their lives fleeing to a land on the other side of the world and fought for your independence to get away from a hateful church ran country??? Who are the real hypocrites? This land wasn’t yours to begin with, it has always been an immigrational refugee sanctuary.

    • Gina

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • traw

      Wow, is this one even worthy of a response?

      Neverendermx, of course the posters don’t NEED to be there. The same way that “=” posters don’t NEED to be there. And how the hell is protecting freedom of expression wanting to be like Britain?? Freedom of expression is a right our founding fathers established for us AFTER we defeated Britain, who was infringing upon our basic human rights, hence the reason for the war. Freedom of expression is the reason why you won’t get in trouble for spewing bullshit like your last comment.

      • Neverendermx

        Like I said….if you support it you’re down right with it. SMH.

        • traw

          Not really. I just have the decency and respect to let other people believe what they want to believe, because we have the right to do so in America unlike many other countries.

          • traw

            You can be wrong all you want but I’m not gonna go around tearing your shit down.

          • Neverendermx

            Oh and I’m sure you support #BlackLivesMatter and Gay rights too huh? LMAO

          • traw

            Black lives matter is a terrorist organization and I completely support LGBTQ rights.

  • Damon M

    If it was an ‘afrocentric heritage’ group would you be calling it “race hate ” Elizabeth?

    • Plainswalker

      Seriously, this article has mentioned nothing to show it’s a nationalist or supremacy group. The closest link they have is that the founder formed the “National Youth Front”, but the same dirty history could be said about CAIR (which was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded by a Nazi sympathizer).

      The message these posters show have no indication of hatred according to this article. There is nothing bad about them either, they just amount to a pep talk for those with European heritage if anything. Why does educating about European heritage and identity automatically mean they’re Neo-Nazis? That makes me feel sorry for the European performers at the International Festival, as this author thinks they’re Neo-Nazis from the get-go. The veiled threat of “at least we know where to find them now” is unbecoming of a journalist.

      Seriously, I’m not associated with the group in the article, nor do I care much about them, but to tear things down that do not incite violence or hatred and to blame them for posting them in a manner FPH is notorious for is extremely hypocritical. Plus, wouldn’t it be wiser to let people make their own criticisms and judgements instead of this pseudo-helicopter parenting of “tearing it down before anyone sees it”? It’s like the article is built upon paranoia

      • Dean Davis

        Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you?

        The equivocation required to deny the white nationalist sentiment this group is clearly playing to is frustrating. No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with proud European heritage and the celebration thereof. But in the political and social climate of this country, with outright hate speech being promulgated by political leaders and videos of police killing non-white men circulating like Netflix, public calls for “European pride” do scan as dog-whistles for white people to come together in their own safe spaces. Which is fine. Do that. But let’s not pretend that society-at-large is an unsafe space for white people. We’re being criticized, sure, but that’s not the same as being killed.

        • Mungo Dillsnick

          OF COURSE there’s nothing wrong with expressing pride in European heritage. That’s why there are German festivals, Polish festivals, Greek festivals, etc. Neo-nazi groups equate “European pride” with “white supremacy”, and that’s the problem.

          • Plainswalker

            But based on the evidence in the article, how do we know it’s a Neo-Nazi group? What if someone was merely a Pan-European?

          • Dean Davis
          • Plainswalker

            Not clicking a suspicious link. What does it say?

          • Dean Davis

            It’s a comic about asking for evidence as a method of shutting down arguments. It’s not their responsibility to educate you. If you want to know the answer to your question, you could easily do research to understand the perspective of the author without demanding that they explain it to you in detail.

          • Plainswalker

            And if I find nothing to back up these claims? It’s necessary for a healthy, informed readership to have accuracy and not leaps of logic.

          • Dean Davis

            If that happens, by all means let us know. But what gets lost a lot of the time when conversations about incidents like this devolve into arguments over who’s got the facts is that, regardless of what’s ultimately provable or what’s ultimate not, we have a problem.

            We’ve created a society wherein attempts to organize social groups of white people feels like a hateful action to non-white people. Yes, I know the same applies in the other direction. But the reason I and others put the emphasis on non-white communities is about relative power. Black men are being killed. Often. By police. Without provocation. On video. And those killers aren’t punished – they’re defended. And what you hear when you listen to black voices is: “This has been happening to us for hundreds of years. Welcome to our lives. Stop killing us.” The oppression and censorship feared by white folks pales in comparison to the obvious mortal threat that black people are under in this country. To spend time arguing over whether *this* group is *actually Neo-Nazi* is to get distracted from dealing with far more important issues than the possibility that we’ve maligned innocent white people.

          • Plainswalker

            Alright, now it’s understandable. So I’m to understand that you think this article is in bad taste as well?

          • Dean Davis

            I think it’s openly biased, angry, and certainly not an attempt at civilized discourse. I agree with the author and quite possibly would’ve done the same thing, although I tend to be cautious to the point of reticence in making public statements.

            I support the decrying, defamation, and dismantling of white nationalist sentiment though, so I mean, it’s hard for me to really muster any outrage about what unfair statements are made in the context of that project. You police our guys, we’ll police yours. I’m not saying I agree with everything my guys do, but my alliance with them means that my default is going to be defending them when they act out of emotion more than reason. That’s not to say it’s right – it’s more about having the right to express anger.

          • Plainswalker

            Understandable. Just to clear things up, I am wary of actual Neo-Nazis (as well as communists) due to my Polish heritage, but I would also recommend some patience be observed here. If this group does or says something outright wrong, express your disagreements to your heart’s content.

          • Dean Davis

            Sure. I love civilized discourse and mutual respect as much as the next guy. I think what people are reacting to is the unwillingness of many white people to accept any real responsibility for the violence that is happening every day to non-white people. I think that’s justified. To me, and to a lot of people, the onus of reasonability is on the white folks. We cannot afford to fight anger with anger, nor can we afford to refuse understanding until non-white anger stops. Exactly because white people DO have the lion’s share of institutional power, it’s up to us to listen and be understanding.

            So, presumed hate group, show up and talk to us, let us express our anger, and answer it with compassion and respect. Then we’ll stop tearing down your posters and calling you Nazis. It’s not fair, but neither is disproportionate violence.

          • Damon M

            You are brainwashed. Google Colin Flaherty to see where the real violence is coming from. Young black males (and sometimes females) have been terrorizing others for years now, although the media is very hesitant to connect the dots for obvious reasons.
            What a joke “violence committed everyday” — bs. The violence is coming from black people — cops sometimes overreact, but thats easy to say from the comfort of your couch, you are not the out there responding to chaotic situations by putting yourself in harms way. Knockout Game, black-on-white violence, and black-on-cop violence have all been spiraling out of control in recent years. And we arent even talking about it. Buckle up.

          • Dean Davis

            I hear you. Yes, there are problems. We’re all concerned, no matter who’s getting hurt. Yes, white people get hurt by black people. In talking about the things I’m talking about, it is not my intent to deny or ignore that.

            So why am I not talking about black-on-white violence? Because it’s not the specific tragedy that has my attention right now, that’s all. No matter who else is getting hurt or killed and no matter who’s doing it – we are seeing video tapes of these people dying. And there are a lot of them.

            Are there more deaths here than somewhere else? I honestly don’t know. Do we only get to care about the category with biggest number? Because what I see when I watch these videos is very straightforward: people being killed by police who often were demonstrably in no immediate danger. Men pinned on the ground. Men running away. Men locked up in the back of a police van. Men reaching for their ID. And even in those situations, we have non-lethal methods of subduing people, which police are trained to use, and often do.

            How can anything, even black-on-white violence, possibly excuse the sorts of things we’re seeing? Does anything ever justify killing? If we want it to stop (and we DO want it to stop, right?) then we need to talk about what the people in power, the ones holding the guns, can do to help make it better.

            You’re looking for victim culpability to excuse the cops’ actions. He had a gun! He might’ve had a gun! They thought he had a gun! He made a threatening move! He had an arrest record! He was doing something illegal!

            None of those things, even when they are true, warrant death. And what we’re talking about here is the fact that we’re watching police kill black men in situations that escalate quickly, and often (according to bystanders) nonsensically. Whatever else is true, we need to fix that.

            Your claim is that cops are justifiably scared of black people. Justifiably enough to choke them to death for selling cigarettes? For selling CDs? Justifiably enough to shoot a twelve-year-old child without any warning? Is there a level of fear that wouldn’t be justifiable? How could we tell when we get there? What do we do about it when we get there?

            By all means, let’s advocate for white safety. I don’t want ANYONE getting killed. But to stand on a soapbox and say “this is not a problem because something else is also a problem” is simply absurd.

          • ML

            ” You police our guys, we’ll police yours. ”

            Here’s diversitopia in one line.

          • El Guapo

            Bigots now have balls to come out. You need to go back into hiding bigot.

          • Damon M

            you’re wrong on the ‘without provocation’ piece. Most of the time they are resisting arrest, have assaulted someone else, or are generally being a menace and indicate that the officer should be in war mode, else they potentially meet their grave. When you put yourselves in the shoes of the officer — which you clearly haven’t done — you realize that they don’t have the luxury of being politically correct and downplaying the tremendous amount of violence young black males are capable of and commit daily. It is your job to pay attention to risk, and they — by a long shot — pose the greatest risk to you. It really isn’t that complicated for why cops are more on guard when dealing with black males. It may be tragic, yes, but if we are to have an honest conversation it must start with the fact that young black males — 3% of the population — commit over HALF of all violent crimes in this nation. And also are way more likely to resist arrest, fight with a cop, kill a cop, assault a stranger, rob someone, rape someone, kidnap someone, etc. Without acknowledging how those very concrete facts effects cops job risks and perception of risk there can be no conversation, and sjws and everyone else will just keep talking past each other.

          • Dean Davis

            I would be way more likely to resist arrest too if i was seeing new videos surface almost daily showing cops killing people who look like me. It’s fine that cops are scared. It’s true that violence and crime are reported disproportionately by race. But do you want to do something about that, or do you want to blame black men for the fact that they live in a world that white people wouldn’t even recognize? We arrest and kill their fathers, offer little to no support to their mothers (and demonize them as “lazy” when they accept our help), and defend police who start treating young boys as potentially dangerous criminals before they even hit puberty.

            Cops are scared. Cool. They have a scary job. Black men are scared too. LIVING is a scary job, when you’re black in this country. Because people like you want everybody to believe that there’s something about black men that’s rotten, and that it’s not the faults of the rest of us who jealously guard our safety, our comfort, and our resources against any suggestion that perhaps the balance we’ve struck is systemically unfair to certain groups.

            Cite all the statistics you want, but you’re advocating for continued assault on a group of people that you’re identifying by the color of their skin. It’s nice that you think it’s their fault that you and so many others are scared of them, but that doesn’t change the callousness and brutal unconcern of your attitude.

          • Damon M

            Go ahead and resist arrest and see what happens dude. Its not rocket science its really quite simple. Black men are more likely to a) commit violent crimes, b) assault a cop, and c) resist arrest. All of these actions produce fear and survival mechanisms in other human beings. If you want cops to try and “deescalate” someone who has taken a shot at their life you are essentially asking them to go against their own nature.

            The problems of cops and young black males will not go away by blaming the cops and assigning them 100% of the blame and responsibility. That is not an honest conversation, that is an ideology backed by a narrow and biased data analysis and a true lack of understanding of the risks inherent in the job.

          • Dean Davis

            Funny…nowhere did I blame cops for anything. I’m not trying to deny that they’re scared for a reason. My point, which is not in contradiction of yours, is that the guys who are successfully killing the other guys on a regular basis are probably the ones who need to ease up.

            You’re constructing a straw man who said more extreme versions of things I said (plus others I didn’t) and then attacking me as though I’m him. Argue better, dude.

          • Dean Davis

            Also because this person puts it more succinctly than I:

          • PY

            You should really think before you speak.

            If someone has to do, ‘research’ to understand the perspective of the author, that author isn’t one. Which is why this dumb cow is on a free, local blog. Probably a race traitor with the nonsense she said.

          • Dean Davis

            Why are you talking like this?

          • Damon M

            Nice website! Are you in nyc?

          • Souris

            “how do we know it’s a Neo-Nazi group? ”
            You are on the internet RIGHT NOW. And yet you’re trying to convince us you don’t have access to Google?

          • Damon M

            Thats not the point. The author of this article is the journalist — it’s HER job to specifically and explicitly detail if and why they are, as she claims, a white supremacy group. Even if they were, you wouldn’t know it by this article. All you’d know is that this young girl shouldn’t have graduated from journalism school.

          • ML



        • Plainswalker

          You mention “out to get you”. There’s nothing in this article showing that this group is “out to get” people.

          So if violent behavior and speech are the criteria, why isn’t a similar sentiment levied against BLM or La Raza?

          What would be a more preferable political climate for this group to exist, in your opinion?

          • Dean Davis

            There’s also nothing in my comment to explain who “they” or “you” are, so it seems kinda premature to question the validity of my comment.

            And to answer your question about BLM and La Raza, it has a lot to do with being in power. White people don’t have to fear for our lives the way non-white people do. That’s statistically true and fairly obvious from the news.

            A preferable climate for the group to exist would be one where white people don’t continue to exist in a different, safer, richer world than everyone else.

          • Plainswalker

            So the freedom of association must be based on a vague, subjective measure of injustice?

          • Dean Davis

            Who’s infringing on freedom of association? You’re conflating government action with private speech.

          • Plainswalker

            It was a metaphor. It was a facetious way of saying “despite whatever parameters are in place, they ought to do as they choose”. Again, if they’re not doing or saying anything wrong, let them be. This passive-aggressive approach taken in the article undermines peaceful discourse.

          • Dean Davis

            It’s a commonly-used retort to claims of paranoia. I apologize for the confusion, but I kinda thought we’d all heard that phrase before so I didn’t realize it would be controversial or worthy of much discussion.

            And no one is stopping these people from doing what they want to. Someone tore down signs that they didn’t like. Sometimes telling someone to shut up is the only power we have.

          • Frodo Kirschenmeir

            Hey I just want to thank you – a lone voice of reason

        • theroughbeast

          Go look at non-white on white crime rates and tell me again if it’s “safe”.

          It’s “safe” because no one cares how many white people die.

      • Agreed: “the same dirty history could be said about” pro-choice hero and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who was a disgusting racist. She openly supported eugenics against blacks and said:

        “[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population [blacks] whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

        • And one more quote from Planned Parenthood found Sanger:

          “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” [Sanger] said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon

      • Commandrea

        You don’t even know what you’re defending and blaming a local writer for your ignorance? God/Google help you.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Seriously, this article has mentioned nothing to show it’s a nationalist or supremacy group.

        You – like the authors of this article – have a serious point of confusion here.

        Nationalists typically believe that all peoples deserve to exist autonomously within their own sovereign nations.

        Supremacists believe that their group is the best and should rule over all others, if it doesn’t exterminate said others instead.

        Identity Evropa is absolutely a nationalist group (like a growing number of nationalist groups worldwide that are rejecting multiculturalist globalism). It is NOT a supremacist group. By definition.

        Calling them “neo-Nazis” is an uneducated smear, fully designed to keep people from actually investigating the group for themselves, or learning what they support.

        • dawrongguey

          “Nationalists typically believe that all peoples deserve to exist autonomously within their own sovereign nations.”

          Right, and this is a “European” (when they say that they really mean some bullshit biological essentialist conception of “White”) group advocating a nationalist homeland on land that was stolen and whose inhabitants still exist today- not only through sovereign nations within N. America, but also the millions of folks in Mexico, Central, and South America who are native to this continent and whose ancestors crossed freely. So, if this was like any other nationalist group, why wouldn’t they be advocating for space in their beloved Europe?

          You all who underestimate these people are naive. They know they’ve had to change their tactics from being explicitly racist because they’re trying to recruit- but you don’t have to look far into their messageboards on reddit or threads on twitter where there antisemitism and white supremacy runs rampant.

          When they say white homeland, they mean ethnically cleansing other people of color who exist in parts of the U.S. where they wanna stake this claim.

          Don’t be stupid yall.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Haha, did you literally just say that a collective White identity has no biological basis behind it – your argument, I’m guessing, being based partially on your belief that all “white” ethnicities couldn’t be proven to be part of a definable group separate from other races – and then suggest that, say, mestizos in Mexico are basically the same people as the Cherokee?

            LOL, GTFO.

            For the record:

            1) America is a white nation. I don’t say this as an American (I’m not American), I say this as something I was always taught, and I see no reason why my childhood teachings were incorrect. It is a nation founded and built BY whites, FOR whites – explicitly! – and “melting pot”-esque arguments to the contrary are VERY modern and VERY revisionist.

            2) Every White Nationalist is very much in favour of a 100% White Europe too. I don’t know where on earth you’d get the idea otherwise. WNs can disagree somewhat on the levels of acceptable immigration in other white countries, but Europe belongs to us. youtube(.)com/watch?v=VR-lAGj_dlQ

            2) I personally don’t know any Native Americans who are thrilled about mass non-white immigration either. They sure as shit don’t think they’re the same people as someone from Mexico. I’m reading a book right now by two Native authors arguing my point (1) above – they most definitely are not in solidarity with some La Raza invasion nonsense of the southern U.S. They take the position that America, via culture (and not just conquest) belongs to whites.

            4) The entire point of my comment was addressing the “white supremacist” ad hominem. You’ve simply repeated it without actually engaging the point that genuine ethnonationalism is a concept inherently in opposition to the concept of racial supremacy.

            You want to call us white supremacists, start backing it up with an ACTUAL. ARGUMENT.

            If you can’t back it up, drop the ad hominem.

          • dawrongguey

            Yea, white identity has no biological basis to it. It’s based on Blumenbach’s debunked taxonomy of the human species. In your attempt to form an intelligent response you overlooked that my argument was a historical geographical one, not biological. Of course the Oglala Sioux are a different sovereign people than say, the Zapotec, who are also different from Mestizos not affiliated with a specific tribe. But all can trace their ancestry back to peoples originally on this continent and, in the case of Mestizos, it requires an active attempt to reconnect with existing tribes, and doesn’t always happen.

            1)”America is a white nation. I don’t say this as an American (I’m not American), I say this as something I was always taught, and I see no reason why my childhood teachings were incorrect. It is a nation founded and built BY whites, FOR whites – explicitly! – and “melting pot”-esque arguments to the contrary are VERY modern and VERY revisionist.”

            Fashy much? Yea, I shouldn’t even have to explain this one, but you’re gonna have to do better than “my dumbass dad taught me this incorrect fact, and his dumbass dad taught him the same before him.” If you mean that the American government was originally set up as a white supremacist project whose foundation rested on genocide of this continent’s original inhabitants and the dehumanization and chattel enslavement of various peoples from Africa, then yea, you’re correct. And that’s called legitimacy through conquest. And if that’s the only logic you’re going by, I better not hear you bitch and whine about people resisting and fighting back, since that’s the only language white supremacists like you understand.

            2. Duh I know there are white nationalists in Europe who advocate for an all white Europe (literally everyone who’s heard of the Holocaust knows this.) Once again the point went over your head. The point was that if people descended from Europeans and racialized as such (aka white) want to live anywhere in North or South America, it is absolutely not their right whatsoever to do so within some bullshit white sovereign nation. This isn’t your land. Either you get over your fear of your daughter fucking a Black or Brown man or move your ass back to Europe and set up some Nazi utopia there.

            3. You originally put 2. but I totally understand neo-nazis having difficulty counting. I never said all nations are the same (see point 1 above.) What I did say is that all people have a right to migrate to and from places in this continent, ESPECIALLY those descended (note the difference between descended and currently tribally affiliated) from Native peoples of this continent. Again, this isn’t based on race like what European systems of citizenship are obsessed with, but on kinship systems that vary from tribe to tribe. Your book is either made up, or the authors are the laughing stock of the academy, because the most prominent and rigorous Native scholars DO NOT take the bullshit white supremacist revisionist position.

            4. No, you and identity europa are white supremacists, just slightly better at hiding it (though still laughably bad.) The fact that you think the statement “America was built by and FOR whites” can in any way be detached from white supremacist ideology is a sad giveaway. You guys WANT to say “We killed all the Natives so the land is ours by right of conquest, also Black people are subhumans that we for some reason have a strange obsession with so we’ll keep them around but only to treat them as objects” but you know that anyone with a brain will call you out on your bullshit and the liberals and moderate conservatives will get squeamish and it’ll be hard to recruit. The rest of us see through your bullshit. So if right by conquest and violence is the only thing you sick white supremacist fucks understand, then you’ll be met with full force by #Antifa and other people who aren’t gonna fuck around with that bullshit.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            No, nobody today is basing their identity on “Blumenbach’s debunked taxonomy of the human species.” Feel free to catch up any time.

            But all can trace their ancestry back to peoples originally on this continent

            This is utterly irrelevant. Are you saying that people from Mexico should be able to displace Native reservations because they are all “originally” from “this continent”? Because that’s what’s GOING to happen, and this is the rhetorical club you are using to push that along.

            This is the same logic that black African nationalists use to attack White South Africans while denying any shred of responsibility for the Bantu displacement of the Khoisan peoples. Because they’re all indigenous black people on the same continent! Therefore, it can only be whitey’s fault.

            dumbass dad

            My country’s education system.

            And if that’s the only logic you’re going by

            I’m going by the logic of precisely what I said – America was founded and built by whites. It is not just European by geographic conquest, is it culturally European. Essentially all of America’s basic institutions are fundamentally European. People are trying to get into White lands because European culture provides so much benefit to everyone who lives in one. Problem is, a majority non-European nation has no hope whatsoever of preserving European culture.

            And if that’s the only logic you’re going by, I better not hear you bitch and whine about people resisting and fighting back, since that’s the only language white supremacists like you understand.

            Do you have some sort of problem with the dictionary definition of “supremacy”? Do you think the definition, as it has always been used, should be changed?

            Do tell, because you haven’t made an argument here yet on that one to back yourself up.

            And I absolutely love you trying to keep the argument about conquest both ways. Answer this:

            Does a land “belong” only to the people indigenous to the land? If yes, and you support people “resisting and fighting back” in places like America, then you should be 100% in support of indigenous Europeans resisting and fighting the invasion of Europe by non-Europeans, and the removal of all non-Whites from our ancestral lands.

            Does a land “belong” to whoever can conquer and hold it? If yes, then you acknowledge Whites are in an ethnic war on all fronts to hold our land. You might not support our “side,” but you sure can’t begrudge us fighting for it.

            Does a land “belong” to whoever is born on that patch of land? Whites still hold the majority in America; why shouldn’t they decide who can come in?

            If you have some double standard here to argue that America does not belong to Whites, but that Europe cannot become 100% White either, you’d better explain what it is.

            You originally put 2. but I totally understand neo-nazis having difficulty counting.

            That’s okay. You have difficulty even with basic punctuation. I fixed it for you.

            What I did say is that all people have a right to migrate to and from places in this continent, ESPECIALLY those descended (note the difference between descended and currently tribally affiliated) from Native peoples of this continent.

            ALL people? No borders?

            You want to explain how this borderless world is supposed to function in reality?

            Either you get over your fear of your daughter fucking a Black or Brown man or move your ass back to Europe and set up some Nazi utopia there.

            a) ANY child I had who did that would be disowned for their familial and racial disloyalty. Why do you only care about my supposed daughter? I could have sons.

            b) That’s also the plan.

            the academy

            What “academy”? You mean America’s academia generally?

            I’m not familiar with “Native scholars” (and if they disagree with us, I’d be unsurprised – academia is overwhelmingly liberal), I’m familiar with regular fucking people I know who are Native and not interested in sharing their land with obnoxious Mexicans and suicide-bombing Muslims.

            The book I mentioned is a popular book, it’s “Cuckservative: How ‘Conservatives’ Betrayed America,” by Vox Day and John Red Eagle, and its first chapter, “The Melting Pot” discusses the intentions of America’s Founding Fathers being antithetical to what you are arguing. Nothing about the argument, I think, would make them a “laughing stock,” as there’s nothing they say about the Founding Fathers which is terribly controversial.

            They do not have to be White to respect that America has a great culture worth preserving, or to acknowledge that the nation’s founding documents explicitly laid out a vision for America that was the very opposite of a “melting pot” as is currently understood. That doesn’t mean they’re thrilled about what happened to their people; but as they essentially argue, what benefit is there to making the same goddamn mistake TWICE?

            The fact that you think the statement “America was built by and FOR whites” can in any way be detached from white supremacist ideology is a sad giveaway.

            A giveaway of what? How is this white supremacist? I am acknowledging facts about the founding of America.

            You guys WANT to say “We killed all the Natives so the land is ours by right of conquest

            a) The Natives primarily died of disease. There wasn’t really much unusual about the warfare between Natives and Europeans. youtube(.)com/watch?v=WNHKDJzgqJg

            b) See above about having your cake and eating it, too. Make an argument for who owns what and why.

            also Black people are subhumans that we for some reason have a strange obsession with so we’ll keep them around but only to treat them as objects


            Nobody is “keeping [blacks] around.” They either immigrated to America, or their ancestors were brought there as slaves hundreds of years ago, and then more-recent ancestors of theirs refused to leave for Liberia when they had the chance.

            So if right by conquest and violence is the only thing you sick white supremacist fucks understand, then you’ll be met with full force by #Antifa and other people who aren’t gonna fuck around with that bullshit.

            Yes, there is plenty of unprovoked, sociopathic antifa violence on record. But thanks for making your violent intentions clear. You are quite incorrect that it doesn’t “recruit” people. I was an “anti-racist” liberal a year and a half ago, and roughly a third of the White Nationalists I personally know were also liberals who converted within the last two or three years.

            Anti-white violence changes a lot of people’s minds, and changes them fast.

            You also surely know that antifa is notorious for attacking us IN EUROPE, in our motherland. Just pointing that out in case anyone reading believed that your noise above about a “Nazi utopia” in Europe was even remotely sincere.

            Antifa is violently anti-white – GLOBALLY.

            Finally. You remain totally unable to rationally explain how I’m a “white supremacist.”

            Which doesn’t remotely surprise me. Because I’m not one, and you cannot support the argument by actually providing a commonly-understood definition of such, and explaining how I fit the definition.


  • Ann Carver

    Free press Houston has turned to biased shit based articles. Idgaf if u enjoyed tearing down someone else’s rights. So hypocritical. U all are bigots imo

    • Dean Davis

      hey come on FP has been a bastion of openly biased writing for a long time. That’s what some of us come here for. The right to free speech is as present in the act of tearing down a poster as it is in putting up the poster. Door’s over there, see ya next time.

      • traw

        Actually, vandalism isn’t protected in the constitution.

        • Dean Davis

          True, but that’s a different conversation. Whether the group had a right to put up posters at all is beside the point. The notion that tearing them down is hypocrisy, censorship, or a violation of rights is misguided, because it misrepresents the intent and relative power of the disagreement.

          • traw

            Ok I understand more clearly what you’re trying to say now. It’s unclear whether or not you can put a poster on public infrastructure (even though FPH does it more than probably anyone else in the city) so it’s also unclear whether or not you can tear it down. I’d actually like to know what the law is regarding putting posters on public infrastructure.

          • El Guapo

            If only white can go then tear that shit down. Dean you are a bigot.

        • Souris

          So putting up posters that YOU personally agree with doesn’t count as vandalism?
          Or is your argument supposed to be that removing vandalism is also vandalism?

          • traw

            I have no argument regarding the legality of putting up a poster versus the legality of tearing down a poster. I don’t know what the law is. My only argument is against the idea of tearing down posters of people who disagree with you, I think that it’s unamerican and hypocritical. Calling people nazis then acting like nazis doesn’t help your argument.

    • El Guapo

      Wow bigots are now gettin love from FreepressHouton readers.

  • traw

    Why would you tear down their posters? I don’t agree with them, but it’s hypocritical and a bit ridiculous to not let them believe what they want to believe.

    • traw

      It’s hypocritical because it was the Nazis who denied people who disagreed with them the right to express their beliefs. By tearing down their posters and attempting to belittle them, y’all are acting more like Nazis than they are!

      • kylejack

        Posting signs on public infrastructure is not allowed, traw. Whether it’s an “I buy houses” sign or Nazi propaganda, it’s not allowed. It’s just more fun to tear it down when it’s Nazi stuff.

        • traw

          Free Press posts plenty of signs on public infrastructure, probably more than Identity Evropa does, hence the hypocrisy. I understand the point that it’s fun to tear down Nazi stuff, but I’m sure they think it’s fun too to tear down posters depicting opposite views than their own. How would that make you feel if they starting tearing down pro LGBT posters or something of the like? There would probably be an article bitching about it. Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean you have to destroy it.

          • WolfOfWestside

            Yep. Totally agree. A lot of neo-liberal ‘progressives’ think the rules don’t apply to them, and that they can get away with it just because they’re self proclaimed social justic warriors. That transcends beyond just ripping down signs. Or sending confidential emails with classified information on public servers. Anyway, I typically enjoy Free Press and the events they do, and the role they fill in keeping us shit head millenials in touch with what’s going on in the city in a unique way, but this leftist elitist bullshit is out of hand. You don’t just have to be a Trump supporter to be a huge blowhard doucher.

          • Dean Davis

            This IS the same publication that hosts “Badvice”, a column that is explicitly about giving unhelpful and offensive advice to people. So I’m not sure why measured, reasonable behavior is what you’re expecting.

            There’s a certain integrity to the operation, but it’s definitely not the kind you’re looking for. It’s dedication to the tribe over the system. Within that frame, it makes perfect sense to put up your own posters and rip down ones you find offensive. It’s not that different from spitting curses at a stranger that you would never direct at your mother or your child.

            I recognize that you’re disagreeing with that mentality, and that’s fine. But before we go any further into conversations about hypocrisy, I think it’s useful to recognize the difference between “the rules don’t apply to me” and “i don’t care that the rules apply to me”. One is privilege, the other is just putting family first.

          • Commandrea

            No. Zero tolerance for hate, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. It all must be destroyed starting with their shitty posters.

          • traw

            So you’re saying everything that you disagree with should be destroyed? Sounds like something Hitler would say. Elitist neo-liberals are the most hypocritical people on this Earth.

          • Souris

            I know people like you are so unhappy that we don’t “tolerate” bigotry and violence. 🙁
            If only we’d stop being such “hypocrites” and just shut up and take it! 🙁 You poor, poor babies!

          • traw

            You should be able to respect opinions that differ from yours, and refrain from blindly calling people bigots and racists for disagreeing with you.

          • Commandrea

            No that’s not what I said. I said: HATE, RACISM, BIGOTRY, AND WHITE SUPREMACY. You can increase the font size in your browser if that made it clearer for you to understand.

          • traw

            Calm down. Can’t we have a civil discussion? All I’m saying is that not everybody who disagrees with you is a bigot and you shouldn’t blindly assume people are racist just because their views don’t align with yours, so you shouldn’t go around calling people racists and ripping down their posters.

          • zigzzagz

            It’s funny when you think of it. Ultra libs, shouting fascist at anyone with opposing ideas as they try to dox, silence and shut them down. Ripe irony here.

          • ML

            >”empowered female”
            >civil discussion

          • FredAGunter

            Nice hair (and fiery disposition).
            I love ethnic Irish women -beautiful.

          • PY

            She’s a nigger fucker like your mother.

          • FredAGunter

            Don’t refer to your father in such vulgar terms.

          • Taylor Greenwald

            Combating hatred with hatred.. this is a time-tested failed model. What you suggest will incite more fear driven hatred.

          • Neverendermx

            That’s something a Nazi would say…

          • traw

            Quite the opposite, actually. I take it you’re not very intelligent.

          • Neverendermx

            You don’t have to have a degree at Trump University to establish that fact my fellow American.

          • traw

            What’s the saying about arguing with idiots?

        • Ed Flanders

          Hey kylejack, is it allowed to make public infrastructure (specifically, city streets) unusable to motorists by hosting a drunken, disorderly bike ride the last Friday of each month?

          • traw

            I’m all in for that

          • Dean Davis

            It’s actually not allowed, but it is sanctioned by the police with whom Critical Mass coordinates every month. And though Free Press definitely has a natural alliance with CM, it’s not like they’re sponsoring or organizing it.

        • Alex Andrés

          if thats the case why are they all littered with advertisements for crappy mix tapes and the latest club events?

      • Mr.MiloJenkins

        Everyone I disagree with is a Nazi! What a pathetic argument.

        • traw

          Oh the irony

    • dawrongguey

      Uh, no. This isn’t a matter of I disagree with their opinions, so I’m going to censor them! This is a matter of folks who disagree with entire peoples’ existences, so we shut them down before they get any bolder. Liberals lay the mat out for nazis and white nationalists to organize and gain institutional power…talk to any Holocaust survivor and they’ll laugh in your face if you suggest shutting down nazis and other assorted fascists is being hypocritical.