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Stephen Hawking Lecture at Jones Hall

Stephen Hawking Lecture at Jones Hall
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Brilliant Lectures presents Stephen Hawking at Jones Hall on March 26th, 7pm. As most people know, Hawking is one of the world’s leading physicist and cosmologist. He has advanced significant theories in the subjects of quantum gravity, time, black holes, and the origin of the universe. Hawking brought science to the masses in 1988 when he published A Brief History in Time. In 2001 he published another book of popular-science, The Universe In a Nutshell, in which he explains the fundamentals of physics and the field’s history. These best-sellers made the name Hawking familiar among the general public. The scientist’s anomalous life and work has made him a source of interest among both scholars and average folk.

In 1942 as London was being bombed by the Lutwaffe, Hawking’s mother fled to Oxford where she gave birth to the future genius. Both his parents attended Oxford University where Hawking’s father, Frank Hawking, excelled in medicine. Thus, Hawking was raised in an environment that encouraged critical thinking. The Hawking family moved frequently as Frank received different jobs  researching and teaching. The family was often regarded as odd and abnormally brainy by members of the various communities they lived in.

At age 17 Hawking departed from his family  to learn at Oxford like his parents. He settled into a mathematics focus only to find himself unchallenged. Despite being bored with his coursework, Hawking completed his undergraduate at Oxford and went on to graduate school at Cambridge where he wrote his dissertation on the centre of blackholes. His thesis was a success and Hawking received his doctorate in 1965.

During his time at Cambridge, Hawking was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or motor neurone disease, which causes paralysis throughout the entire body. As we know, this did not prohibit Hawking from finishing graduate school or  becoming an epochal scientist. Although doctors expected Hawking to live only two years after his diagnosis of ALS, Hawking today, at the age of 71, is still producing work in advanced physics and cosmology.

If you are interested in seeing Hawking lecture, visit www.brilliantlectures.org. 










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  1. Jose Carranco February 22, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Thank you for helping us promote the event for Professor Stephen Hawking. Just a quick note, the event is actually going to be held at Jones Hall on March 26 at 7 pm. If you have any questions feel free to call our office at 713-974-1335. Also, glow in the dark t-shirts are available for the event as well.


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