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Record Breaking: Vinyl Event this Saturday!

Record Breaking: Vinyl Event this Saturday!
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What happens when you give a group of local talent a bunch of vinyl records? Not what you’d think. Artists from all over Houston have each been given an average of 50-100 records of the 10,000 vinyl records that were given to the collective by a very generous donor. The local artists have been told to make whatever they want of the vinyl, meaning that we could see anything from collages and sculptures, to things I can’t even fathom doing to a poor, defenseless vinyl record. The results will be featured at the Vinyl event.

The event takes place on Saturday, October 13th. It will be a stop on the Counter Crawl in the afternoon, and then starts again from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. It’s happening at the Caroline Collective, which is located at 4820 Caroline St, and will feature vinyl inspired artwork from local artists, like…well, there are so many great artists on the bill I can’t single them all out. There is a huge list of contributors to the event, 23 total, and that could mean a lot of vinyl art per contributor! Check the Facebook event page for a complete list of the contributors! The Caroline Collective will be hosting the event, and Nightowls Print Shop and Buffalo Bayou Brewery will sponsor the event.

This show is a follow up to a show that came about under similar circumstances in July. Jeromy Barber, of Jeromy.tv, was given a large amount of “old school” projectors from a donor on Craigslist. Along with Maryoceane Guy, and James Templeton (of LIMB), Barber gave out the projectors to a group of local talent, and asked them to do what they wanted with the projectors. Many of the artists that participated in the Projectors event are also taking part in the Vinyl event.

Needless to say, it should be very interesting to see what these inspired artists have done with the 10,000 records. Frankly, if someone gave me 10,000 records, I’d still probably be picking through them, looking for gems to save before I dumped the records off on one of the local record stores in town, but I’m glad that these records are being used for a more unique and exciting purpose.


Time: 8-11 p.m

Location: The Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline Street, 77004

Facebook Event Page

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  1. Guadalupe October 10, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Shameless promotion for Countercrawl 666



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