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Rave to the Grave 3

Rave to the Grave 3
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By Catalina Campos

What better way to celebrate the counter culture of the 80’s and 90’s but with Houston’s best club kid inspired party, Rave to the Grave. This is the place to be to unleash your inner Party Monster and ferociously party the night away decked out in feathered wings and eccentric looks.

This Saturday, April 19th, Maryoceane and Pegstar will be hosting the third annual Rave to the Grave at Fitzgerald’s complete with set performances and a costume contest to end the night successfully. The best part is this event is completely free for those who are 21 years of age and over. If you’re under this age, the entry fee is $5, which still isn’t too bad for the amount of fun you’ll have.

Don’t know who the club kids are? You’re missing out since the dance party is inspired by the hit film, Party Monsters, based on the true events of the New York club scene and the horrific murder of Andre “Angel” Melendez by Michael Alig. The movie, definitely worth checking out, will give you an idea on how to come dressed up as. This is a party that will make you feel under-dressed.

Dutch Small will Emcee the event with performances by Max Xandaux and Depressed Mode featuring Omar Afra, Austin Smith, Chris Landry, and Omar Al-Bochi (covering Depeche Mode and other 80’s and 90’s hits)! Spinning the night will be sets by DJ Fredster and Lacey Youngblood. Waiting outside to treat your sweet tooth will be Custom Confections.

This will be a night to remember so be sure to not miss it, you might regret it later! Slap on that glitter and bring your friends out to this year’s Rave to the Grave.

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