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Prolific & Still Writing: Children of Pop Up The Ante

Prolific & Still Writing: Children of Pop Up The Ante
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When you look on the web for a picture of Houston band, Children of Pop, you can’t find one that resembles the way the lineup looks today.  That may be because like their songs, the lineup has evolved from day one.  What started off as a fun side project for Deep Cuts member Chase DeMaster and Dpat drummer Jordan Brady; has turned into a full fledged two piece that drops more songs than anyone else in town.  There’s so much happening with these two, now without Brady, but with Gabriel Lopez, that it’s hard to keep up with the pace that DeMaster sets.  Think about it like this, these two play pretty much all the time, DeMaster is in several bands; yet all of them keep staying as prolific and as polished as the next, and Children of Pop never slows down.  Tomorrow night at Fitzgerald’s, another ambitious and fruitful experiment in the world of Children of Pop will emerge, as the duo will headline a show alongside those who remixed songs for the band’s upcoming “Pre Madonna” single.


When I say that this guy is in several bands, I’m not joking.  Guess Genes with Sergio from Buxton, Deep Cuts, and Get A Life where DeMaster drops songs pretty much daily…seriously.  When you map all of this out, it’s hard to believe that the guy can hold a job, practice with any of these acts, and have time to actually breathe.  As a guy who writes a lot, and who interacts with musicians, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone on this pace aside from maybe Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices fame.  Since I know most of the guys who did remixes for this release, most are in awe as to how Chase does things.  Comments that range anywhere from, “I don’t know when he sleeps,” to how he operates with “he just does it, even if he’s learning as he goes; which is beautiful.”  The same comments could be said about the names that remixed these songs, as the likes of LIMB, Yung Slutty, and Josiah Gabriel are like saying ‘Houston Producer Royalty.’


The remixes start off with Yung Slutty remixing “Jealous Lover,” with the altruistic style that he is known for.  Plenty of bells and natural sounds are what I think of when I hear Yung Slutty’s name; and he doesn’t disappoint here at all.  I think most of us are eagerly awaiting his upcoming EP, and this is like a sweet bonus as he does the remix world justice by making the track his own.  This is followed up by another heavy hitter in the world of Houston producers who also has a very long awaited album due soon, Josiah Gabriel.  He takes the song “Taking Over” and turns it into that of some sort of tripped out trap based mix that keeps you on your toes.  Again, by making it a remix that sounds like his work, he adds little vocal re-cuts that are on par with what you’ve come to expect from Noah’s very high standard of work.  There’s so much happening on the track that you can’t pigeonhole what he’s done, and you honestly shouldn’t want to.


WEZ does something similar with “Taking Over” by slowing the track down and adding elements that make it sound more like a Dpat track than the original.  For anyone who has heard the original, this re-imagined sound is something you wouldn’t expect as all of the pop undertones are stripped out and the track takes on a new life.  Promenade adds a light mix to their remix of “Jealous Lover” but still makes changes on a subtle level.  Ronnie Heart however redoes “Taking Over” like it fell from the skies of Daft Punk.  It has a nice funky vibe that begins with a fuzzy guitar track that forces the song to have a more dancey vibe.  The remixes come to an end with the completely re-imagined sound of “Taking Over” from LIMB.  Because James was working on new LIMB material when he received the track to remix, he recut the song to have this crazy techno meets dance floor sound.  It definitely feels like there’s a lot of LIMB inside the track, and his use of the vocals is pure magic.


The remixes are capped off by the two songs in their original form as recorded by Children of Pop.  When you listen to the original version of “Jealous Lover,” and the original version of “Taking Over,” you should see that this is material that’s original in its intent.  Chase has some crazy ability to write and craft pop songs that don’t really feel like pop songs.  For a guy who seems to just learn as he goes while dropping songs in varying bands at the same time, his prolific nature makes you wonder if he will ever slow down.  But in reality, if your stuff is this strong, why on earth would you ever do so?  You can catch all of the previously mentioned acts when they perform these remixes alongside original material Friday night at Fitzgerald’s downstairs.  Children of Pop will headline the night as a kickoff date for their East Coast tour.  The show is all ages, the doors are at 8:00, and the cover is $10.00.  If you caught Children of Pop’s epic set at the BLSHS NYE show, then you already know that this guy is already on top of his game, and the rest of these acts on one night are just icing on the cake.