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November 14, 2011 – 9:31 am | No Comment

Questions by Brigitte Zabak
Photos by Marc Brubaker

Every city needs a handful, or two or ten, of people who are dedicated and excited about making cool things come to life. Houston is fortunate enough to …

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Music FFW – The Free Press Preview for November 10 – 16, 2011
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FFW – The Free Press Preview for November 10 – 16, 2011

Submitted by RamonLP4 on November 10, 2011 – 6:00 am15 Comments

This Week’s Featured Show

Saturday, November 12

Houston Press 2011 Music Awards Showcase,

featuring The Tontons, The Literary Greats, Otenki, Sideshow Tramps, Melovine, D.R.U.M., Roky Moon & BOLT!, Steve Steele, Texas Johnny Brown, Ozeal, Diunna Greenleaf, The Journey Agents, Brant Lee Croucher, Hollywood FLOSS, Castle Lights, Changoman, Something Fierce, The Mighty Orq, Gene’s Addiction, the last place you look, Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans, Finnegan, The Manichean, Frankie G Da Mex, Screwtape, A dream Asleep, Hell City Kings, Clory Martin, The Beans, The Octanes, Kristine Mills, Chase Hamblin Band, Folk Family Revival, The Niceguys, Beetle, Free Radicals, Zydeco Dots, Monica Matocha, Electric Attitude, Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man, Rivers, H.I.S.D., Vivian Pikkles & the Sweethearts Über Alles, Little Joe Washington, The Abyss, Venomous Maximus, Steve Krase & The In Crowd, Sean Reefer and The Resin Valley Boys, //TENSE//, Square & Compass, Kevin Taylor Kendrick, Los Skarnales, & several DJs @ Warehouse Live, Lucky’s Pub, Home Plate Bar & Grill, The Dirt, House of Blues, Ben’s Beans, Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, & more (downtown) - It’s your weekend Houston Press.   OK OK, so last year sounded pretty lame but it was on Washington Avenue so what did you expect?  This year the showcase is back downtown where they belong and it’s the usual mixed bag of local performers - some lame, some awesome, and some great.  The awards?  Bah, they are pretty meaningless. I mean let’s face it, this is largely a battle of who has the better mailing list.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty funny when bands take it seriously or when they spam your facebook with” please to vote for me” posts but but the awards aren’t the point.  The point is you get a big smorgasbord of local musicians in one day and since Houston Press has been doing this, it’s always proved to at least be interesting.   Here is a link to their schedule (link).

Thursday, November 10

Brujeria, Sangre, PinHed, Anguish In Exile, 28th St., Gods of Death Screw, Bound In Flesh @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - Remember when Jello Biafra was the lead singer of this Brujeria?

Druha Trava @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - Czech Bluegrass!  Yeah Yus!

Black Eyed Vermillion, Whiskey Dick, Viva Le Vox @ Rudyard’s - Hellbilly, because there aren’t enough subgenres.

Wale, Black Cobain @ House of Blues - Oh wait, so “Dig Dug (Shake It)” isn’t about a video game?

Fri., November 11

The Octopus Project, Searching for Signal, Bang Bangz @ Fitzgerald’s - One of Austin’s finest Indietronica bands returns to Houston.

The Migrant, Not In The Face, Co-Pilot, Featherface @ Fitzgerald’s - For goodness sake if you are going to have a Psychedelic singer/songwriter folk dude come all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, someone take the guy to BBs across the street.

Devil Killing Mother CD Release Party, featuring The Illegal Wiretaps, Ed Koch, Devil Killing Moth, Yello Echo, Insert Credits, Days N Daze, i1150n, Wasi Townsend, Clory Martin, Poetic Mental Aggression, Secret Room, DJ Nikkhoo, Swans Will Attack, & Alex Tu @ Notsuoh/Dean’s Credit Clothing (9PM) - Good gravy that’s a huge line-up for a CD release.

Method Man/Curren$y/Big Krit/Smoke Dza/The Pricks @ Warehouse Live - Hempstead’s favorite WuTang clan member… no not Hempstead, Texas.  Hempstead, New York ya silly.

Houston Specialties Benefit, featuring Neckpiece, Poetic Mental Aggression, Arcane Alchemy, Heart & Soul, Adrian Zavala Band, DJ Weezar, Dee Colonise, 9, Salvador M, & Becky Meter @ Super Happy Fun Land - Benefit for Houston Specialties, a local art gallery.

Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Attilla, Memphis May Fire, My Deepest Dream @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - Vans Warp Tour, Epitaph records, you get the idea.

DJ Andrew Dansby @ Leon’s Lounge (1006 McGowen) - 29-95 music scribe Andrew Dansby, spins for you at Leon’s tonight.

Madi Diaz, Kyle Andrews @ The Mink - Indie Folk Duo from Berklee College of Music

Chris Smither @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - Longtime Blues/Folk singer who Bonnie Raitt called her “Clapton”

Petra @ Hobby Center - Get your Jesus on.

AMB @ Stereo Live - Axe Murder Boys,  geez ya think they may have an ICP connection?

The Guess Who @ Nutty Jerry’s (Winnie) - American Woman, stay away fromme-e!  God, that song kind of sucks but the guitar tone in that guitar line is pretty sweet.

Saturday, November 12

Peter Wolf Crier, Sondre Lerche @ Fitzgerald’s - The Minneapolis folkie indie pop duo returns.

H.I.S.D. @ Momentum Audi - Points for weirdest choice of venue I’ve seen in a long time.

Here [The Story Sleeps], featuring The Boxhead Ensemble @ Talento Bilingue de Houston (8PM) - Film and live music.  Here is a more lengthy explanation from the Sundance Film Festival (link)

Shaolin Death Squad, MacAdams, The Lotus Effect @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar - Weirdness from Denton

Omar & the Howlers, Cow Jazz @ Last Concert Cafe - Austin Blues rockers who’ve been at it since 1973.

Immortal Technique, Killer Mike @ Fitzgerald’s -
the politically charged Afro-Peruvian via Harlem rapper drops into Fitz.

Dave Barnes, Andrew Ripp @ Rudyard’s - Contemporary Christian folk and Rudyard’s? who would have thought?

Cody ChesnuTT @ Underground Live - Rock and Roll R&B dude from Atlanta who gets props from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Sunday, November 13

Willie Nelson @ Arena Theater - WILLIE!!!!!

Vivian Pikkles and the Sweethearts Über Alles, The Wiggins, Mega Bog and Kusikia @ Khon’s - Awesome bill here and if it weren’t for the HPMAs, It would likely be the featured show of the week.

Tesla @ House of Blues - Man I really hate that one Tesla song, you know the one…

The Alternative Press Tour, featuring Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers, & Sharks @ Warehouse Live - Wow I forgot Alternative Press existed.  Tells you how long it’s been since I’ve walked into a newsstand.

Megan Jean & The KFB @ Super Happy Fun Land - If banjos and washboards tickle your fancy this may be a duo for you.

Jacqui Sutton @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - Jazz Singer who prides herself on her” mash-up of jazz, bluegrass and orchestral/chamber music”

Hamilton Loomis @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar - Galveston’s bluesy guitar man makes the drive up to Dan Electro’s.

Grayces @ Cactus Music (4PM) - Nashville rockers and St. Arnold’s beer.

Monday, November 14

They Who Sound featuring Loïc Bertrand/Michelle Yom and Austin Cooley/Ryan Edwards@ Avant Garden - A flute battle to the death with Paris’ Bertrand vs. Houston’s Yom. There will be blood!

The Knux, Jordy Towers @ Fitzgerald’s - New Orleans alternative hip-hop brothers

Anthony Hamilton @ House of Blues - An R&B dude who has worked with D’angelo, Buddy Guy, and even a dead 2Pac

Tuesday, November 15

Zechs Marquise @ Fitzgerald’s - El Paso Prog-Rock.  Now there’s a combo you thought you’d never hear.

Plaid @ Stereo Live - London Electronic duo is back in Houston.

Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of the Doors @ House of Blues - Ray and Robby would like to ask you that “if you happen to take photos or video of a Ray/Robby performance, please be sure to upload to the Ray/Robby Facebook page to share.”

Circa Paleo @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - world music quartet with ummm quite the wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 16

The Acacia Strain, harms way, Stray from the Path, Terror @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - death metal + metalcore or hardcore =deathcore

The Game, Menace, Juice @ House of Blues - The Game has had so many feuds in his rap carreer that they actually had one of those take a number machines set up at his office.

Hit The Lights @ Fitzgerald’s -  I like the Metallica song better.

Blind Boys of Alabama, Sara Watkins @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) - Living legends of Gospel Music swing into the Woodlands

–For more listings check out Space City Rock - Houston’s best local calendar–


  • nava says:

    you had to have left thelastplaceyoulook out of your post about hpma showcase on purpose. remind what it was we ever did to you?

  • nava says:

    nevermind i’m a dick with bad eyesight.

  • nava says:

    nevermind, i’m a dick with bad eyesight.

  • RamonLP4 says:

    I’ll be completely honest. I don’t know, you’d have to take that up with Space City Rock. They have a very good calendar and that’s where I go to for my listings. I simply pull their basic calendar, look for anything they may have missed, slowly eliminate the shows I personally find lame or uninteresting, then I try to add some simple comment about the headliner. (Note: I do make an exception for Fitz because Omar runs this paper so I do mention some Fitz shows where I personally don’t care for but, in such an instance, I would never put those exceptions as a Featured Show.) That whole process takes me about four hours every week. And since you ask, yes, generally speaking, you guys do end up under the “highlight then delete” category - in this particular case the ONLY reason you should have been mentioned above is because of the Houston Press Music Showcase which I think is quite a noteworthy event.

    Your next question, I’m sure is why you end up on the “highlight then delete” category? Simple, I find the whole aesthetic of “Buzz Bands” to be a painfully dull affair but that is neither here nor there because there is a home and an audience for your kind of music just like there is for Disney bands. That place is The Buzz - a station I find to be the quintessential example of why Houston commercial radio has become so unlistenable. It’s a cookie cutter plasticine emulation of music geared toward suburban kids with a limited palate and the music that they constantly play says nothing to me about my life, hang the DJ, Hang the DJ Hang the DJ….

    So if you must ask what you’ve done to me, the answer is nothing - you’ve affected me in absolutely no manner whatsoever. For this particular writer at least, your music is neither good nor is it so bad as to be amusing; it is simply a stale musical unsalted cracker that I choose to leave on the table for others with a taste for that kind of thing. More power to you for serving it and more power to people who find that to be a nutritious meal. I’m sure there is crap that I like thatyou would find just as lame. That’s taste for ya.

  • nava says:

    1st. my bad. i didn’t look closely enough and spoke before i should have.
    2nd. when i saw who the writer was i immediately expected this response. we’ve been through this before.
    3rd. we never asked to be played on the buzz in regular rotation. but are we pleased with it and the outcome and the reach it has given us to make fans who truly care about what we have to say? fuck yes we are.

    not sorry you don’t like it, you’re entitled to that opinion. but sorry that you can’t objectively see what one houston band is achieving/trying to accomplish without contempt.

  • MusicFAN says:

    If you REALLY want to hear completely irrelevant crap, that is a total waste of time and nothing more than a pathetically self indulgent attempt to matter… check out the Linus Pauling Quartet! Horrible! Worst thing heard since Rosanne sang the National Anthem!

    Also, I wouldn’t put stock in ANYTHING Ramon Medina has to say about music… he obviously degrades anything good or different out of jealousy and spite that his own music career has been such a failure and meaningless. It’s sad that this jokes gets to spew his crap and talk down about artists that DO matter and talented and creating music. Maybe we should just pity him!

  • MusicFAN says:

    Jokes in my last statement should be Joker… sorry, don’t want to give Medina a chance to ignore the rest of my comment and rant about my spelling or grammar!

  • Robb says:

    Thelastplaceyoulook is one of the hardest working bands in Houston.

  • Tom Collins says:

    Let’s be honest, no one reads the Free Press for the writing. It’s sophomoric whining and chest beating at best. “I love (insert run of the mill eclectic indie band that only 10 people care about name) better than (whatever band they’re supposed to be covering.)” … and … the end. If I wanted some insightful commentary about the scene I’d have to look elsewhere because Houston is short on music writers who don’t have a personal agenda (like promoting Fitz.)

  • RamonLP4 says:

    Dear Mr. Nava

    No need to apologize, I didn’t see your retraction until after I wrote my response. But no matter, regardless of that, I felt you deserved an honest response as to my process and approach. The goal for this weekly column is not to be objective but to be opinionated as to what I think is at least interesting. Again, I make an exception for Fitz shows for obvious reasons but again, there is a difference between listing it with a short mechanical blurb and giving that a featured show spot. People can take it or leave it but I also do try to include a link to SCR which has a full listing of other events if they care to dig deeper.

    “3rd. we never asked to be played on the buzz in regular rotation. but are we pleased with it and the outcome and the reach it has given us to make fans who truly care about what we have to say? fuck yes we are.”

    Guess what, I applaud that. So your point iiiiis? See I think you miss my point. My point isn’t that because you are played on the buzz you are met with indifference no, it’s because your band plays a type of rock music that has a particular aesthetic that the station responds to. That’s your market and guess what, I find it boring. That should be neither here nor there. That is why I said that there is stuff I like that you would likely abhor as well. That’s kind of the point of having certain tastes. If you worry about what the fuck I think, you really need to get your head on straight. The proper response for any artist is “who gives a fuck?” not have a hissy fit because you thought you didn’t get a mention. The fact that you give two shits about what I have to say suggests you need to do a bit of growing up as an artist. I’m not saying that to be a dick nor simply because that is my attitude about my own music, but because, in your case where you are doing it to break on a bigger level (as opposed to what I do which is really just goofing off), you are going to get a lot of people who don’t care for what you do. Great, that means your music wasn’t written for them, it was written fro the people who do respond to it. Read the original reviews that a band like Black Sabbath got and many of them were pretty harsh but look at that band now? 40 years on and they announce a reunion and its a big story.

    And also going back to my initial response (and perhaps I was being ambiguous) but another point that I was trying to make was that there are other writers here at the Free Press, not just me. I don’t control the flow of information here. Maybe Jack Daniel or Jacob would like your stuff.

    “not sorry you don’t like it, you’re entitled to that opinion. but sorry that you can’t objectively see what one houston band is achieving/trying to accomplish without contempt.

    Perhaps you missed it but my general rule is NOT to slag bands and if I don’t like or care for a band, I generally never mention them. Perhaps you should note who was kicking the hornets nest and grow a thicker skin. I mean really, you got offended because you thought I didn’t mention your band in a line up. Thinks about that for a second. How insecure are you that if that had been the case, your ego is hurt.

    That said best of luck, stop taking what you do so seriously, be glad for the audience you do have (not the one you don’t), don’t sweat it bro, just let the music take care of itself.

  • RamonLP4 says:

    Dear Music Fan,

    OK your first sentence started off well but Rosanne? Jeez, No seriously I demand a much better put down. Honestly, if we make fun of ourselves at practice and can be more self-deprecating that your attempt at a put-down, you are either not trying hard enough or are just being lazy.

    Jesus fucking Christ man, we cleared out Fitz because we we changed an arrangement at the last minute and half the band forgot the change so we played one riff for 10 -15 minutes! That is fucking hilariously stupid! I mean really, you’re gonna throw up Rosanne Arnold’s national anthem? Brother, the reality if much worse than any amateur shot you could take.

    If you want I could give you so many examples of our stupidity your head would explode.

    Seriously, there are two words that utterly show how clueless you are. You know what they are? “Music Career” Really, you really believe that the Linus Pauling Quartet is a career? Holy fuck man, Well gold comes out of my ass to and I’ll sell it to you by the pound if you believe that!!!!

    I mean nobody I know has ever ever ever put my band and the idea of a music career together! How many years have I been doing this and I swear with God as my witness nobody has ever thought that. I guess I should take it as a compliment but I can’t help but laugh my ass off because it’s so utterly loopy.

    But let me try to get serious for just one second here and pick apart one critique. “he obviously degrades anything good or different out of jealousy and spite”

    Now lets think about that. I plugged shows by Pujols, Philip Foshee, Tyagaraja, Lords of the Universe, and Chris Ryan over the last two weeks. Show me where I degrade any of these artists in those articles? Oh wait I might actually find what they do engaging, different, and good. So let me just clarify what your sentence really is saying.

    What you are really saying is “he obviously degrades anything I think of as good or different because my musical tastes are not subjective but empirical, therefore they must secretly think it is good and decry it simply out of jealousy and spite.”

    No, I don’t degrade it, I fucking don’t mention it. Nava had a hissy fit because his ego was bruised because he thought he was left out of a line up when - to be honest - I didn’t even pay attention to the line up listed in SCR - the particulars of the line-up to me didn’t matter. Had he not jumped it, I wouldn’t have said a thing about my thoughts on his band. He asked what I had against them and I responded fully and honestly.

    Lastly, about them being the “hardest working band” in Houston. Why does that matter? There are a lot of hard working musicians. I for one love the work aesthetic of Weird Party. those guys work really hard at what they do but guess what? That’s gravy. The music is what counts. If their music wasn’t good, it wouldn’t matter. It’s the most irrelevant thing you could ever say in defense of someone’s work.

    So , my suggestion is use a real name and learn to write an intelligent response.

    PS this isn’t grammar class so the typo wouldn’t have been an issue and anyone who reads my columns can tell you I am a shitty typist. Have you seen how many times people have corrected my spelling, typing grammar? A fuckload. Yeah, honestly I feel kind of stupid but hey you learn from those mistakes. Well not the typing, that I just am always gonna suck at but the obvious spelling errors - I always welcome those corrections. So, yeah I suppose you ere makign another dig but whatever.

  • RamonLP4 says:

    Dear Tom,

    Let me be clear on the “promoting Fitz” I said I will list a show on the preview if it’s at Fitz. Now, will I write a feature, interview, or list a show as the Featured show of the week because it is at Fitz? No. So let’s be clear about my “agenda.” Look back at the last two weeks of shows I promoted if you need proof…

    Mangos for lords of the Universe got a preview and a review as well as an interview for Pujols.
    Tygarajara at Khons got an extensive interview
    HPMA’s were listed as the Featured Show
    That leaves the Tinariwen two weeks ago at Fitz which I promoted as the Featured show of the week two weeks ago.

    What is that?

    1 out of six articles promoting a show at Fitz?

    Yeah you got me, I’m a total whore for Fitz. Pulease.

    Sorry, I don’t like this one band but you know what. You do. Great.

    Tell ya what, I’ll go listen to my Pujols 7″, go see The Wiggins and Vivian Pickles tonight,and go to They Who sound tomorrow. You listen to the Buzz which offers a lot of bands like the one being discussed here. Holy crap you won’t believe what happens if we do that? The sun still rises tomorrow. I AM NOT SHITTING YOU, IT’S TRUE!

    So, grab a hankie and dry those tears. It’s OK brother, not everyone is gonna like what you like. It’s OK. You like it right? Good. That’s OK.

  • Clint "Hydro" Heider says:

    Greetings MusicFAN,

    Normally I don’t take the time to respond to fan mail, but my agent told me I needed to start “reaching out” more to our following. He even wanted me to start a Twitter account, but I said, Hey bro that’s your job. I have to say, though, he’s been spot on so far, what with my recent Gibson endorsement deal and a couple of cameos in a Snoop Dogg video. Now I know that a lot of people say, “Hey, the Linus Pauling Quartet - what a bunch of sellouts” and all I can tell them is, Motherfucker, I got diamond rings made for all five fingers of both hands and those fucking things don’t buy themselves. Guys who bitch about acts like us becoming successful are just jealous - they want the cars, the cash, the women, the fame. I mean, back when we put out “Ashes in the Bong of God” and it went double platinum, all the music critics were saying we were cashing in. Fuck yeah, we were, but here were are 10 years later still kicking ass so who’s laughing now, us or a bunch of washed up English majors living in their mom’s basement? You know, it’s not easy to handle the fame sometimes - To tell you the truth, I do it for all the ordinary Joes out there like you - you may not be able to drink Hennessy out of a hollow gold cane encrusted with diamonds, or pull a three way with a couple of models, but *I* can. Just knowing I’m out there living the dream should help to keep you going when things are down.

    So all I can say is, keep working, keep pushing, and don’t give up on your dreams. We love our fans and we wouldn’t have all the kick ass stuff we do if it wasn’t for all of you -

    Clint “Hydro” Heider
    The Linus Pauling Quartet

  • april5k says:

    I wish there was a way to like Clint’s comment…

  • admin says:

    Nava: Relax homie, no matter what kind of music you play there will always be a person who loves you for every person that hates you. Don’t let it bother you.

    Tom: The only person who has any interest in Fitz at FPH is me, Omar. Someone like Ramon has no incentive to write about a FItz show, and frankly he is rarely ever there. A total of 4 times since we opened from what I can remember.. And for you criticism of bands FPH chooses to write about: if you think we should cover something else, just tell us. Send an email that says “whoa these guys are great.” People do it every day as opposed to whining like you did ( which you oddly accused us of doing.” And matter of fact, our last issue covered bands like Rivers, Chris Ryan’s Time, and Tyagaraja; none of whom are ‘indie’. But whatever, if you do not like our paper you simply do not have to read it. If you do not like Fitz, do not go there. If you do not like indie rock, do not listen to it. Cause I don’t like it and do not listen to it. But I don’t spend time railing against everything I do not like. I don’t like creamed corn but I do not spend time dissecting it and why people like it. Make sense?

    - Omar Afra

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