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“a green room with broken furniture, blood, and a pair of panties in it, a dog acting like a man, and a man acting like a dog.” - Daniel Pujol

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FFW – The Free Press Preview for October 26 - November 2, 2011

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This Week’s Featured Show(s)

Thursday, October 27
Wild Flag
Drew Grow & the Pastor’s Wives
@ Fitzgerald’s (Downstairs)

Black Tusk
Venomous Maximus
@ Fitzgerald’s (Upstairs)

Crap talk about insane. Two awesome shows on the same night in the same venue!!!!  I mean seriously?  Wild Flag AND Mastodon? UGH!  What sucks is my schedule is such that I can’t get out on Thursdays but I will tell you that Fitz is where I’d be tonight were that not the case.

First you have Wild Flag.  I’m a huge Sleater Kinney fan so when I found out that Carrie Brownsteinand and Janet Weiss were in a new band, I flipped my lid and their first album does not disappoint.  Jacob Calle did a nice interview with the band not long ago and if you missed it, you should go back and read it (link).

As for Mastodon?  Hell, what is there to say about Mastodon?   You already know they are one of the most awesome metal bands around and the new album, The Hunter, is pretty damn solid.  This show is gonna be a zoo given the supporting bands (Black Tusk and Venomous) and that this will be a great chance to see the band in a more intimate setting compared to their last time in town (when they played the Verizon Theatre).   I just hope you already got your tickets because this show is sold out.

Thursday, October 27

The Tontons @ Under the Volcano (8PM; $5) - Houston’s classiest band plays Malcolm Lowry favorite bar.

Zombie Metal Night, featuring Cerebral Rot, Cavernous, Sibylline Prophecy, & Sloshtown @ The Abbey Pub - OK Zombies and Metal, it makes sense.

Matthew Mayfield @ Mango’s - Birmingham Alabama singer songwriter.

Huey Lewis and the News @ Jones Hall - Apparently, the Heart of Rock and Roll IS still beatin’…

Turnin’ Headz: Blank Canvas, featuring New Swag Alliance, G-Squared, Sedrique D’Juan, & Ace-T @ Check Other Outfitters - The monthly hip-hop showcase moves to a new location.

Songwriters in the Round, featuring Melissa Greener, Tim Walker, Ken Gaines, & Wayne Wilkerson @ Anderson Fair - More songwriters, you know…in the round.

Ghostland Observatory, DJ Ceeplus (Thursday AND Friday, October 27-28)@ Warehouse Live - The Austin, TX funky keyboard driven duo get props for Rick Wakeman-ing it up and wearing a cape while playing keyboards.  That is never not awesome!

Friday, October 28

Shonen Knife, Shannon and the Clams, Black Pistol Fire @ Stereo Live - I saw Shonen Knife last time they came to town and they still rock the hell out of any venue.

Jealous Creatures, A Sundae Drive @ Dean’s Credit Clothing - The creatures hit deans.

The Toasters, Red Five Point Star, Always Guilty, PLK @ Fitzgerald’s - Three letters for you - S, K, and A.

Robbie Fulks @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - With a song like “Fuck This Town” I doubt Fulks has made a lot of friends in Nashville but Chicago’s Silkworm definitely dug his music enough to cover one of his songs.

SoHo Metalfest, featuring Warbeast, Epic Death, Fallacy, Legion, Gods of Death Screw, Dethrazor, Ruind, & Weapons of War @ The Flamingo Room - So Ho? “So Ho Metal” fest? Really? What is this fucking New York?  And the bourgeoisie pretension of “SoHo” is so NOT metal!  If you do this again Flamingo Room, you are so off my radar.  FAIL!

DeadEnd Cowboys, Second Lovers, Howler, TameBlonde @ Fitzgerald’s - Rootsy rockers at Fitz

Undead Dance Party, featuring Ceeplus Bad Knives, Mr. Castillo, & Bobby DJ @ Boondocks - Ahh yes, our second Halloween themed show.  Don’t worry, there will be more as we go through the list.

Jackyl, Quiet Riot @ House of Blues - Speaking of the undead…

Kimberly M’Carver @ Anderson Fair - Dallas soprano gone country.

Halloween Bash, featuring Fighting For Adella, The Emissary, Imagine Dreams In Action, Sands, Tyranny of Bella, She Watched The Sky, Belle Manoir, Exist:Avail, & Myka Relocate @ Cain’s Ashes (2628 FM 1960 Rd. E) - Ahh, see I told you we’d have more holiday themed shows.

Reggae Rhythm Revival, featuring D.R.U.M., Bigga Star, & Jimmy Lee Deen @ Last Concert Cafe - I mean do I really have to explain this one?

Discoween, featuring Disco Expressions & Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club - OH GOD, please tell me it’s not a double bill but that Little Joe will be doing disco! It’s not?  It’s him and a Disco cover band?  Damn!  Well, I can dream can’t I?

Project Armageddon/Serpent Sun/Made In Vain/Black Hole Caravan @ Acadia Bar & Grill (3939 FM 1960 W) - DOOM…that’s doom in all caps, so you know PA isn’t messign around.

Happy Hahlhloween, featuring DJ Craig Hlavaty @ Leon’s Lounge - The Houston Press’ Hlavatly (funnest music writer name to pronounce in all of Houston) spins for you.

Melissa Ferrick, Vandaveer @ Rudyard’s - Massachusetts folk rocker drops into Rudz.

The Houston Sound Concert Series, featuring Bonerama @ Market Square Park - Wait do you pronounce this Bonn-er-rama or Bone-Er-Rama.  Please tell me it’s the latter, please!

Bassnectar @ Verizon Wireless Theater - Santa Cruz  DJ at the Verizon.

Hell on Heels: A Rock & Roll Burlesque Experience, featuring Warrior Spirit Band, Wellborn Road, Bayou City Outlaw Band, the Houston Burlesque Revue, & Miss V Haven @ Stereo Live - I kind of thought the whole Burlesque thing was over before it arrived but hey, if that’s your thing drop into Stereo Live.

Fondue Monks, Dane Sonnier, Dani Vargas @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar - Whoa, the Fondue Monks are still around?  I plead total ignorance on this.  Apparently, they even have a new CD.

Joe Ely @ Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe (Galveston) - Mr. Ely at the Island sounds like a great way to spend your Friday to me.

Saturday, October 29

Lords of the Universe, Indian Jewelry, Weird Party, Christmas @ Mango’s - We spoke with Dann Miller about the whole Lords of The Universe thing.  Here is the link if you missed it. (Link)

CSMDP’s 5th Annual Halloween Murder Masquerade, featuring Come See My Dead Person, Benjamin Wesley, YET Torres, Super Pancho Combo, Triskadekaphilia, & Oceans of Slumber @ Last Concert Cafe - Come See My Dead Person takes their turn at the Halloween themed shows.

CSS, Men @ House of Blues - São Paulo Electro-Rock band returns to Houston

Giant Battle Monster, Cop Warmth, Harold Borup, Jealousy Mountain Duo @ Notsuoh - GBM and CW alone are reason to go to this show.

Creeper Halloween Party of All Parties, featuring Featherface, Rivers, O’Doyle Rules, New York City Queens, & Eli @ Houston House of Creeps (807 William St.; 11:30PM-2:30AM) - Cool, I was just wondering if HHoC was gonna put on any more shows and this one is a Halloween one to boot.

Serial Trilla, featuring Richie Roc, Mile High, Bishop Black, Dat Boy Poyo, Rob G, Rivera, iLL LiaD, D-Frost, Frankie G Da Mex, Horsemen Alliance, J Hurdy, Dirty & Nasty, Kyle Hubbard, D-Risha, GoREALah Soul, Renzo, Mike Ro, Mi Familia, Chane, Franchise & Yung, Lito Duckets, G-Money, Fullmetal F dot & The Bandtastic Four, The Forces, DJ Rhyno, DJ Andy, DJ Motai, DJ Arsnik, DJ Creap, & DJ J4 @ Frankensteins/Smileys - dang that’s a big line-up.

The Electro-Magnetics, The Mahas, The Tyburn Jig, Dem Damn Dames @ The Mink - The Electro Magnetics have some pretty terrible videos on line but ignore that and you’ll find these rootsy Texas rockers actually rock pretty hard.

The Wombats, The Postelles, Static Jacks @ Fitzgerald’s - indie rockers from Liverpool…does that make them Liverpudlians, Liverpollians, or what?  Just wonderin’.

The Bipeds Howl-O-Ween 25, featuring Beans Barton & The Bipeds & Tribal Lily Belly Dancers @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar - Beans for Halloween.

Chimaira, Impending Doom, Revocation, Rise to Remain @ Fitzgerald’s - You know what the best Chimaera video is?  No not one made by the band, the one where some dude took Star Wars clips and put them to “Empire” - Awesome!

JJ Grey & Mofro, Galactic, Corey Glover, Corey Henry @ Warehouse Live - That group from Florida sure are soulful Mofros, aren’t they .

Underworld’s Halloween Monster Bash, featuring DJ Mina & DJ vvJames @ Numbers -Yes, more Halloween DJs

2nd Annual Vampire’s Ball, featuring Carl Cox & Vaski @ Stereo Live - Halloween bash for Electronic Music Fans

Trick Or Treat Fest, featuring A Man, A Million, Ballet Brutality, Battle of Champions, Doomsday Brigade, Fishdickz, In Search Of Mercy, Kleos, Our Every Move, Restless, Solomon, Summits, We Pray For War, & Whoa! Nelly @ Cain’s Ashes (2628 FM 1960 Rd. E) - Ballet Brutality?  OK that’s a pretty bad name but Fishdickz is pretty funny.

Sunday, October 30

Concrete Blonde, Girl In A Coma @ Fitzgerald’s - I was always shaky on Concrete Blonde but their song Happy Birthday is still one of the best happy songs ever.

Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel @ Warehouse Live - Ye Olde School Metal of the goteed variety.

The Wrong Ones, Modern Primitives, Modfag, The Freak Outs @ Rudyard’s - Sleazy rock and rollers The Wrong Ones headline this line-up.

Another Run (video release), Dreaming of June, The Trimms, Shopping for Death, Coastal @ Numbers - Rule number one of band Bios.  Never write that you are “now poised to take the band to the next level.“  First of all I don’t even know what “Next Level” means.  Is that like leveling up in D&D?  For the sake of argument, let’s say it is.  By your own admission you aren’t at the “next level” so my suggestion?  Go out into the woods and kill a few trolls or something then get back to us.  That said, I will say that the preview for the video looks really nice and pro.  So Kudos there.  Hope the full version is good.

Boots Electric, Fiskadoro @ Fitzgerald’s - Jesse Hughes (from Eagles of Death Metal) gets all goofy and electronic as Boots Electric.

Halloween Freakout, featuring The Impalers, Cast Away, & Peasant @ Mango’s ($5) - Not just a Halloween show but a Halloween Freakout!!!!

Binarium Sound Series 039, featuring Ronsen/Armistead, The Core Trio, Chris Becker, Bell Toll, & Lori Obscurecinema @ 14 Pews (7-10PM) - Oh cool, Lori Obscuremedia used to do films for my bands for a short time.  She ran so many projectors one night that we blew all the fuses at the old Proletariat.  She also did films for the Butthole Surfers back in the day.  Stoked that she’s dropping into town.

Grace Pettis, Billy Crockett, Dirje Smith @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - A few years back, Pettis won the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest while she was going to university in Austin.  I wonder if she graduated by now?

Monday, October 31

400 Blows, Muhammad Ali, Vivian Pikkles and the Sweethearts Über Alles/Cordial @ Mango’s - Why Muhammad Ali wasn’t nominated in the Houston Press Music awards their song “Drugs” alone should have warranted some notice.  Nice though that Vivian Pikkles got some love there though.  Congratulations VP.

Beirut, Ramesh @ Warehouse Live - Your favorite Balkan folk music influenced indie band returns.

Tuesday, November 1

Yngwie Malmsteen @ House of Blues - Malmsteen is pretty awful but his whole Airplane freakout is still awesome to this very day.

Rich Robinson, Dylan Leblanc @ Fitzgerald’s - Black Crowes guitarist dropping in with a solo thing.

Willis Alan Ramsey @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - C’mon by now you know that if the guy who wrote a song so inexplicable as Muskrat Love comes to town I have to mention it.  How can I not?

B.M.C. @ Mango’s - Long time Drum and Bass DJ who signed with Swisha House only last year

Wednesday, November 2

Cobra Skulls, Nothington @ Mango’s - Fat Wreck Chords punk band from Reno.

Russian Circles, Deaf Heaven @ Fitzgerald’s - Chicago post rock intrumentalists

Drake and Sofi, Adelaine, The Fox Derby @ Super Happy Fun Land - D & S play sweet melodic indie rock.  I think if it were the 70’s they might be yacht rock.

Blues and Burgers, featuring Ann Crawfish Brown Band @ Discovery Green (12PM; free!) - I must say again, Blues and Burgers!  So awesome!

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