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Main Course: Astronomar Drops Snacks On Houston

Main Course: Astronomar Drops Snacks On Houston
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Photo: Inua Blevins


Depending on how much electronic music you listen to, you might know much about Astronomar.  A co-owner of Main Course Records, a producer, and a never ending tour schedule should at least prove to you that he’s definitely a name to know.  In what feels like a short time frame, he’s dropped a remix of Wax Motif & Neoteric’s “We Go Deep,” he’s had more collaborations than you can name, and he releases new material at a record pace.  On Wednesday September 24th, he’ll make his name known to Houston when he performs at Walter’s.  Free Press Houston was kindly granted a moment of his busy schedule.  Below is what transpired.

FPH: You’re from Alaska, and you lived in Seattle & now California.  How does California compare to Alaska, and is there much of a scene in Alaska that those of us on this side of the US don’t know about?

Astronomar: California & Alaska are totally different universes! I love them both for what they are, but deep down Alaska will always feel like home. There is a growing scene up in Alaska as well; I have some friends in Anchorage that are bringing really cool EDM & Dance artists up.. its growing for sure!

FPH: You have an insane tour schedule & you co-own a record label.  How do you find the time to make new music, co-own & run a label, and tour as much as you do?

Astronomar:  I ask myself the same thing! Literally everything I do is music related so its usually fun & exciting stuff, even when I’m hungover or something it’s a bit trying but it’s all worth it. To answer your question though, I’m generally excited by everything that is happening. The gigs, the demos I go through, and the artists I meet that become good friends. Everytime I go to a new city I get a feeling like I’m gonna’ meet a long lost brother or something.

FPH: Main Course has a completely new & revolutionary way of dropping new music.  Can you explain the idea behind “Snacks” and the “Free for a Month” model you guys employ?

Astronomar:  We don’t claim to have invented the wheel, but we definitely spin it a bit differently. The SNACKS thing was basically a concept we formulated on to get good music out fast. We were receiving so many cool tracks at an insane rate, that it was hard to pass on them.  So we came up with SNACKS to get them out, give new promising artists the shine they deserve, and it allows us to explore and represent all of our musical tastes without having to wait forever.

FPH:  Main Course openly accepts unsolicited material on its’ website, are there any new artists we should keep an eye out for that you’ve gotten through that process?

Astronomar:  There are so many talented new faces we are working with.  Just to name few; Stephane1993, Badluck, Biggs, Sugur Shane, and RVBRA.  That’s just a few, I know I’m forgetting loads of people but our family is HUGE.  And we are finding new talents nearly everyday.

FPH: As an artist who’s as prolific as yourself, will Houston get to hear any new tracks when you play here on the 24th?

Astronomar:  Definitely! Usually at gigs I will test out a lot of the demos I receive to see how crowds react, as well as slip in a few of my set staples and my unreleased edits and collaborative tracks.  It’s always a mixed bag!  If you see my in the club come say hello, I’ll give you some stickers if I have any left (hands up emoji).

You can stop by and say hello too when Astronomar comes to Houston for the first time at Walter’s on the 24th.  He’ll have the support from plenty of local talents on the bill with him.  Mke will be on hand to drop some of his dope cuts from his impressive catalog, while blowing everyone’s minds in the process.  The slow jamz of Yung Slutty will also be there, and his remix of BLSHS’ “Gave It Away” should be more than enough reason to catch his synthed out sound. DJ Dayta will also be on board to slip his sick sounds on everyone in attendance when he opens things up.  The intense and always evolving glitch visuals of FLCON FCKER  will also be going on all night.  The doors are at 8:00, it’s an all ages event, and the tickets are between $10.00 and $20.00.

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