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This week the FPH crew discuss the 9/11 anniversary, fast food, and we have a frank interview with Robert Ellis.

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Rick Perry’s stealth Presidential Campaign

Submitted by Commandrea on May 17, 2011 – 4:42 pmOne Comment

By Alex Wukman

Oh internet, how I love you. With less than two weeks left in this year’s Texas legislative session I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find something to bitch about today. Then I saw that Real Clear Politics has an article up about how our ever-loving Governor’s “Presidential Push” is “quietly” gaining steam. As the three people who regulary read this blog know the Free Press has no love lost for Perry, we’ve commented on him doing a lot of things but never running for President.

It’s not that we believed him when he said that he had no interest in being President; we just found the thought to be almost ludicrous. Perry a man who, despite his much proclaimed love for constitutions, tried to rewrite state immunization law by executive fiat without realizing that the Texas Constitution forbid him from issuing executive orders. Perry a man who, despite his ‘outsider’ persona, has been in government since the 1980s. Perry a man who, despite his much ballyhooed Moral Majority credentials, has been dogged by rumors of homosexuality since he took over as Governor.

The idea that Rick Perry would even consider a presidential run and open himself up to the amount of scrutiny that comes with such a run. And let’s be honest here, there are many things that would come tumbling out not the least of which is how Karl Rove managed Rick Perry’s 1990 campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. From that first race on Perry has been linked to corporate money, his former chief of staff became Merck’s chief lobbyist and helped draft the HPV vaccine order.

Despite all these problems there is apparently a move to get Perry into the field for the Republican nomination. And Perry not said that he doesn’t have any plans to his run; in fact he said something far more  ostentatious. The Associated Press reported that Perry is “waiting to be summoned” into running.

Summoned by whom is another matter

As much as we’d like to deny it, Rick Perry has been putting together a low profile presidential campaign since at least 2004. He’s raised money for the Republican Governor’s Association, he’s gone to almost every Republican National Convention and he’s been in office long enough that people have forgotten his dismal election results. It’s a sad day when we have to write that we hope Perry chooses to remain governor of Texas, if only to prevent him from doing to the rest of the country what he has done to Texas.

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