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Kickin’ it Old School: The Old School Hip Hop Sing-Along

Kickin’ it Old School: The Old School Hip Hop Sing-Along
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Can you kick it? The Alamo Drafthouse will be presenting The Action Pack’sOld School Hip Hop Sing-Along” at 7 p.m. this Thursday, at their Mason Park location.

They will be playing selections from the Sugar Hill Gang to 2Pac, so Houstonians will get the opportunity to bust out their clean Nike Pumps, gold chains, Adidas tracksuits, and spend the evening doing it old school.

Whether you are old school, new school, or didn’t even go to school, the “Old School Hip Hop Sing-Along” is where to be this Thursday, as The Action Pack helps us define exactly what Old School is. You’ll be hearing samples of funk, disco, listening to the DJ’s scratch it up, and be treated to some of the most brilliant hip hop of all time. And what better time for an Old School Hip Hop Sing-Along, as the hip hop pioneers, Run DMC, are getting back in the saddle to reunite and headline the show at Fun Fun Fun Fest, on Friday, November 2nd.

The Old School Hip Hop Sing-Along will be starting off in the old Old School, with the likes of Grandmaster Flash, but won’t stop there, leading us through NWA and LL Cool J, and landing in the 90’s, with some Pharcyde and Naughty by Nature. With a two hour run time, there can be no doubt that The Action Pack is going to hit all the good stops.

Tickets are available at the Alamo Drafthouse website, and the show is 18 and up, but if you are too young to remember boom boxes or Vanilla Ice, a parent or guardian can accompany minors to the show as well.



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