FPSF Scholarship Fund: Get your needy friend a free weekend pass

FPSF Scholarship Fund: Get your needy friend a free weekend pass
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The folks over here at FPH know what it is like to be ‘livin’ la vida ‘broke-ah’. Having no money not only means no food, no shelter, no medicine but also no well deserved entertainment. Times are tough for some right now and we want to show ‘WE KINDA CARE’ by offering several needy music lovers who can’t afford it the chance to attend Free Press Summer Fest.

So here are the rules:

• Send us a 300 word essay about your friend’s hardships and why they deserve a free pass.

• Include their full name and email address.

• Send it in before Monday May 31st 10AM to editors@freepresshouston.com

We will make our selections and email passes by end of day Monday. Spread the word.

  • admin

    Lighten up anonymous ‘ Wow’. We are giving away free passes to people who can’t afford them. Really, I am not a pompous jerk. I am really a nice guy. I kiss my mom as much as possible, love to play with my kids and the dogs, love chocolate croissants, etc. Just because I write some silly shit does not warrant you name calling. I am easy to find if you want to say mean things.


  • RamonLP4

    Good God yr right, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Omar, instead of asking friends to nominate their down and out friends, let’s give these promotional passes to Carolyn Farb. I mean sure Joe Blow could send an essay saying how his friend just lost his teaching job at HISD so he can’t afford to see Weezer but why “isolate the ‘needy'” as Wow says when we can have some rich socialite hanging out at the tent? Who do you think will bring the better weed? You think some down and out loser is gonna have better weed than Carolyn? Hell no!

  • Wow

    What a great way to ruin a beautiful idea. The editor must be a totally pompous jerk to isolate “needy” Houstonians by having people write people write about one anothers trials and tribulation. This really does reflect that the editor of this paper “kinda cares” about people and is really about promoting his music festival.