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FPH Weekly Podcast, #43

FPH Weekly Podcast, #43
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After a post-FPSF hiatus, our podcast returns stronger than ever! This week we discuss Picasso VS talentless hacks, Obamacare, and a Lamborghini timeshare.

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  • Wes

    Glad you’re back! Tell who ever was talking about the car that runs on air, it doesn’t fill up on its own as the car moves, you have to fill the compressed air tank back up at a high pressure filling station (or using a home air compressor). Either at a filling station or with a home compressor, it takes a lot of energy to compress air up to the 4,500 psi needed to run one of those cars. The car itself is zero emissions but just like with the electric car and the hydrogen car, it takes a lot of energy to get the car ready to run. Yes, it would be better than what we have now (beside the amount of capital structure overhaul it would take to make it readily available), but to think that there is a car out there that just runs on air is false. Not trying to troll, but wanted to correct that one so that it won’t get shot down in a debate at a later date.