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FPH Podcast 9.26.2011

FPH Podcast 9.26.2011
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This week FPH Podcast features such illustrious topics as Tim Dorsey’s penis, Richard Dawkins, the guilt of our fathers, and circumcision. Musical guest is Austin Smith.

  • Sergio

    First time listening to this podcast…

    I’m surprised at how skewed some of the views on Dawkins were. He doesn’t claim absolute certainty on the non-existence of “God”. In his book, “The God Delusion”, he states that on a scale of 1-7, he is about a 6.5 in his certainty.

    Regarding myself, I’m as certain that “God” doesn’t exist as I am that Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy don’t exist. Or to be sufficiently open-minded should I consider that the Easter Bunny just might exist?

    There is a very active Atheist community in town, so why not search for “Houston Atheists” for a better understanding of the community or to ask any of us questions directly.