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FFW – The Free Press Preview for February 09 – 15, 2012

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This Week’s Featured Show(s)

Friday, February 10
Female Demand (album release)
@ Fitzgerald’s


Saturday, February 11
Southern Backtones (CD release)
Craig Kinsey
Jo Bird
John Evans Band
Emily Bell
Johnny Falstaff
@ The Capitol (705 B Main St.)

Last week I had to pick between album releases and then it hit me. Hello, SXSW is coming up, everyone is going to be trying to get releases out and about in time for the big festival. Now Female Demand didn’t get picked for an official showcase (not sure if they got a flat out rejection or one of those where you aren’t flat out rejected but are on the waiting list in case someone gets bails) but what was really a hoot was the band’s reaction:

“an open letter to the worthless hacks on the music committee at SXSW:

fuck you guys. this is the 4th year that you have turned us down. this further solidifies that this festival is run by nothing but a bunch of greedy tools that are over run by shit heads that know nothing about good music even it punched them in the fucking face. But that’s okay. you guys will be kicking yourselves in the balls when you find out who we really are. Fuck you and your festival. we don’t need it. It just seems that our music is entirely way too good for you. you worthless piece of shit that was spawned from the lowest and most worthless life form to has ever graced this great earth. so fuck you, fuck you fuck you fuck you. you can guarantee this will be the last time we ever try your stupid worthless, gentrified yuppie infused shit hole you call a festival.

sincerely jonathan perez

fuck you”

Bratty?  Yes, totally but also fucking hilarious and charming in its its sincerity and naivety.  The volume of bands that register for SXSW is so massive that of course great bands like Female Demand will get a pass but I love that Perez is so invested in his band, so passionate about what he is doing, that he has this little on-line fit.  Will they ever play an official showcase?  Well OK probably not if the rumor is true that SXSW replied to them telling them not to bother applying next year but I say go for it guys! That would be the most hilarious thing you could possibly do and who knows, being the “assholes” who pissed in their punch bowl could work in your favor…at least they will remember your name.

OK, so I could ramble on about Female Demand until the cows come home and I haven’t even touched on how much fun they are as a live band or even mentioned how good their music is but Jack already did an interview with them this week (read it here) and I gotta move on and at least give a tosser to the other big Record Release this week.

If Female Demand are the punky, scrappy, rambunctious, crazy, unpredictable, energetic, run-for-cover band that is the musical equivalent of lightning hitting you in the brain , Southern Backtones would be the antithesis of all that.  The Backtones are slick, commercial, and know how to deliver a package that gives exactly what its fans expect.   I downloaded the new album on my E-music account and honestly gave it a go.  It was produced very well and the musicianship was solid no doubt but, try as I might, there is just something in this band that I just can’t get into at all.  I think so much of the subjective nature of music is whether you buy into what the band is selling but, despite the good musicianship and the well crafted nature of the production, I just cannot for one second buy into the Backtones anymore than I can buy into a band like say their pals, Pale.  To my little brain it all feels just so horribly self-conscious, pre-packaged, and calculated and I cannot feel anything resembling real human emotion here and my mind inevitably wanders.  But here is the thing, a lot of other people DO buy it and there is no empirical nature to music anyhow so fuck what I think.  I may be utterly unaffected by it but I also recognize that they have built up a sizable fan base who do respond to the band and so why not give them their due on that level and give their release at least a mention, ya know?  Anyhow, here are two videos from the bands.  I’ll let you guys decide which band is the more engaging of the two.

Thursday, February 9

Art Institute, Jealous Creatures, Golden Hour @ Bohemeo’s - D’oh!! That reminds me, Sarah Hirsch of Jealous Creatures has this Make A Scene thing that has to do with involving kids in music.  I need to get back in touch with her to do that interview.

A Sundae Drive, The Band Foster, Remaria, Hello Chief @ Fitzgerald’s - The first time I heard the name I was really disappointed because I thought it it was some charity drive that involved ice cream but despite that they were a pretty catchy little band.

The Suffers @ House of Blues (Foundation Room) - Local super-group made of members of Los Skarnales, Heptic Skeptic, Ryan Scroggins, and others

Blaggards, Beetle @ The Continental Club - Blaggards and Guinness a fine fine pair

Anvil, Rotting Corpse, Metavenge, Fallacy @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - Lovable metal lunks from Canada.  I saw them at HOB last time they came and they put on a fun show.

Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man @ The Big Top - the badddest stand up bassist in H-Town

Language Room (CD release), Plain Jane Automobile, Cosmic Bug Loaf, Disfrutalo! @ The Mink - Austin Band comes down for a record release.

La Catrin (album release), Kiki’s Sordid Sideshow, DJ Fredster @ Fitzgerald’s - Yes, there are more record releases this week.  This 0ne from Ex Heist At Hand’s Bianca Montalvo who is doing a more straight up dancey pop thing.

Friday, February 10

The Lemonheads, Meredith Shelton @ Fitzgerald’s - Dang, the Lemonheads have had a lot of members over the years.  Don’t worry, Dando is still there.

Southern Backtones @ The Hideaway (3122 Dunvale) - If you can’t catch their record release on Saturday there is always this show the day before.

ALL DREAD SET Closing, featuring How I Quick Crack & The Wiggins @ Cardoza Fine Art (1320 Nance) - Art exhibit closing with art by Mr. Wiggins himself, Jon Read, among others.

Soul Rebels Brass Band, Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club - Funky Jazzy cats from New Orleans plus the one and only Little Joe.

Shake Russell Trio @ Anderson Fair - Folkie Russell drops in to Anderson fair

Terri Hendrix @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - San Marcos folkie who wrote “Lil’ Jack Slade” for the Dixie Chicks

Sebastian Ingrosso @ Stereo Live - That reminds me did you see that episode of Portlandia where everyone was a DJ pitching their show?  That was pretty funny.

Michael O’Connor @ Heights Live! ($12) - Did you know that there is a South Texas Music Walk of Fame in Corpus?  Well O’Connor is on there along with the previously mentioned Terri Hendrix along with other folks like Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson, and the late Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender.

Saturday, February 11

Defeat the Noise Ordinance Fundraiser, featuring The Literary Greats, Lucas Gorham, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Clockpole, Vipers, & DJ Meshak @ Fitzgerald’s - The noise ordinance is so stupid that it blows any rational person’s mind.  Nobody has an issue with the idea of having limits on noise but when you take away an objective standard like decibel meters - which allow musicians, clubs, and other folks, to stay within the law by giving them the ability to monitor themselves and stay within compliance - and replace it with a subjective standard of “well yr not over the decibel level, but that bass just seems awfully bumpy.”  I dunno, it’s just idiotic.  Imagine if they told the police they didn’t have to use a radar gun to issue a ticket.  Hey, you just looked like you were going fast.  That’s pretty much what we have happening in Houston - a poorly written law that is so vague that nobody, no matter how hard they try, can be assured they are in compliance.  Fucking stupid.  Contact your Council Member and tell them that this law must be repealed and that if the law must be revised, it should be revised in a manner that gives people an objective measurable standard.  Also, visit it’s a political action committee created to get our voices heard on this issue.

Wicked Poseur, Sphynx, Lisa’s Sons @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor) - Fuck, I got nothing to say here.  I’m just gonna post this picture, man.   I mean, look at that —-> It says it all, doesn’t it?

Brother of Pearl, Drew Holcombe & The Neighbors (1PM) , The Wheel Workers @ Cactus Music (3PM) - Cactus, St. Arnolds, and free music.  Yeahyuss!

Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans, Jimmy Lee Deen @ Last Concert Cafe - Mr. Scroggins - Texas style Rasta vibrations, yo.

The Swamps, Zavala Band, The Beans, Black Kennedy @ The Mink - Garage rock band from Berlin but if these guys are German, I have to say, they have some damn good US accents.

Johnny Hootrock/The Down & Dirties/The Dollyrockers @ The Continental Club - Austin Rockabilly dudes.

Continuum presents KALI @ The Orange Show - Not really a music show but a bunch of performance artists but it sounds kind of interesting so I’ll mention it.

Emilie Autumn @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - A little Goth, a little Victorian, a little glam, a little burlesque, and she plays violin.  Well, I’m not sure if it is good but at least it is different.

Joe Ely, Guy Forsyth @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - Mr. Ely in the house.

Mickey Gilley, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Ray Sawyer @ Nutty Jerry’s (Winnie) - Does Mickey Gilley need any intoroduction in Houston?

Sunday, February 12

Houston Blues Museum Fundraiser @ Last Concert Cafe - Fundraiser for an organization looking put together a museum to celebrate Houston’s rich Blues history.

Natalie Cole @ Arena Theater - The R&B singer and daughter of Nat King Cole, hits the revolving stage.

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones @ The Continental Club - Attention KPFT Irish Aires listeners; this one may be of interest to you guys

Monday, February 13

Laura Gibson, Breathe Owl Breathe @ Fitzgerald’s - We did an interview with Breathe Owl Breathe this month (link).  Super nice folks and their kids book is really neat.

Courtney Marie Andrews, Hearts of Animals, Lindsey Simard @ Avant Garden (9PM; $5) - Arizona femme folkie leads a strong three-woman bill at Avant Garden just after….

They, Who Sound, featuring Bob Hoffnar & Lucas Gorham/Damon Smith @ Avant Garden (7-9PM) - I suggest, just check out this week’s imrpov, jazz, experimental showcase and then stick around after.

Tuesday, February 14

The Polyphonic Spree, New Fumes @ Fitzgerald’s - The Dallas symphonic rockers return

The Manichean, Dead Roses, Ben Godfrey, Chase Hamblin @ La Carafe (8PM-2AM) - nice bill at the historic wine bar.  Just remember, cash only.

GoRealAh Soul, Re-Action, Diamond Dust, La Morena y Kevez @ Super Happy Fun Land - Who else would be billed as Houston’s only official party crashers? None other than You Genious.

Wednesday, February 15

Don’t Poke The Bear, PJ Bond, Prairie Cadets, Chris Stowe, B L A C K I E @ Fitzgerald’s - Fuck that, I say poke the damn bear!

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave., The Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ House of Blues - More NoLa brass business for your week

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  • RamonLP4

    Thanks for catching that Steve. Looks like when I moved the noise Ordinance show higher up on the Saturday list, I accidentally deleted the header for saturday and some other stuff too. I had to go back to a prior save of the post but I think I fixed it.

  • Steven

    The Cactus In-Store with The Wheel Workers in on Saturday.