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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for July 12 – July 18, 2012

FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for July 12 – July 18, 2012
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This Week’s Featured Show

Saturday, July 14

Daniel Johnston
Grandfather Child
Waldo and the Naturals
Tax the Wolf
Mikey and The Drags
Wicked Poseur
@ Fitzgerald’s

Some bills are just too jam packed with goodness to ignore and this week’s Daniel Johnston show is the one you can’t not take notice of.  First off, the legendary Johnston himself is already enough to merit a high place in anyone’s weekend plans but on top of that, he has an all-star cast backing him up with members of The Mathletes, Hearts of Animals, Young Mammals and lord knows who else.  That’s just cray cray!!  But no, it doesn’t stop there, no they have to just beat this into the ground by booking a slew of bad-ass bands both upstairs and downstairs that you’d have to be dead or exiled  to not have heard of by now.  OK, Austin’s poppy Waldo and the Naturals is new to me and I’m sure others too but the rest of the line up is pretty much a list of bands that could (and have) headlined their own shows and just the idea of Johnston following up a set by the soulful Grandfather Child is to me a stroke of genius.  OK well ya know I’m gonna do it so I’m gonna post my favorite Daniel Johnston song here.  Feel free to drop yours in the comments below.

Thursday, July 12

Sound & Vision, featuring Jandek, Pulse Rifle, The Escatones, The Bailout Bureau, DJ Bob Bovary, & DJ Breaking Barber @ Mango’s ($7; 8PM) – Jandek at Mango’s?  You know that is going to be awesome!

Bass Drum of Death, DZ Deathrays @ Fitzgerald’s – Solid noisy and jangly Garage duo from Mississippi.

Fresh Fest, featuring Perseph One, Nikkhoo, Jon Black, Day-Glo Produce, Parker & the Numberman, & Timothy Israel @ Notsuoh ($3) – Hip Hop showcase with Perseph One who just put out a new digital album out last month on bandcamp (link) and Nikkhoo who was nominated in this year’s HPMA’s

Nipsey Hussle, Freddie Gibbs, Propain, J Dawg @ Warehouse Live – I’ll take prison movies for 300, Alex.  Very well.  This prison movies starred Nipsey Hussle and Ving Rhames as father and son.  What is “Raising Cain?”  That is correct!

Machinage, Age of Fire, Carrion Sun, Kleos, Suicide Pandemic @ the 19th Hole – Brazilian Metal, YUSS!

Gilded Splinters @ The Continental Club – Austin based Americana Band.

Lost and Nameless Orchestra @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – and an Austin based folk band

Juliane Jones @ Avant Garden – West Coast folkie who can sing in English, French, or Chinese.  What a show off.

The Bogarts, Moonraker @ Super Happy Fun Land – Punkie punks from a land of a thousand oaks in California

David Allan Coe @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – Quick what does Outlaw country artist Coe have in common with Devo, Chrissie Hynde, James Ingram, and The Black Keys?

Friday, July 13

Cinderella, Seventh Rize @ House of Blues – I’ve said it before and i will say it again, Hair metal sucked then and it sucks now.

Scott H. Biram, Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club – Austin trucker style country and the always awesome LJW.

They, Who Sound, featuring Susan Alcorn @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora; 8-10PM) – a rare Friday TWS with pedal steel queen Susan Alcorn.

Ibn Ubo, Cop Warmth, Moths @ Notsuoh – Spaz Rock fans, this is the show you want to go to this week.  Here is a promo done by Ibn Ubo for a show earlier this year.  One word describes it – Awesome!!!!

Pacific Dub, Katastro, Bending Villa @ Fitzgerald’s – Reggae rock.

Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson, Rachel Crow @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Curse you Nickelodeon.

Three Dog Night @ Jones Hall – 60-70s band best known for doing versions of songs by folks like Randy Newman, John Hiatt, Laura nyro, Harry Nilsson and a lot of other folks.

Electric Frankenstein, The Lovesores, The Swingin Dicks, Automatic Thrill @ Rudyard’s – These New Jersey punks have logging over 20 years and 100 recordings.

Saturday, July 14

Roky Erickson, Hounds of Baskerville @ The Continental Club – Rocky put an amazing show last time I saw him. highly recommended.

Square and Compass, Holder, Gentlemen Rogues, Llorona @ Mango’s – tap guitar anyone?

Shana Falana, The Illegal Wiretaps, Enloom @ Super Happy Fun Land – shoegazer pop from San Francisco

Indigo Girls @ House of Blues – knock yourself out if you dig this but I’ll skip thank you.

Fresh Fest, featuring Bloody Knives, Kerry Melonson (Satin Hooks), & Grupo Gacho @ Notsuoh ($3) – part two of this festival

Gritsy 6th Anniversary, featuring Digital Mystikz & more @ Warehouse Live – dubstep and bass anyone?

Amplified Heat, Slow Motion Rider @ Rudyard’s – Austin’s hard blues rock heavies.

Vomitfest II, featuring Imprecation, Blaspherian, Serpentis, H.R.A., Nodens, & Cronophage @ The White Swan – Hello, Metal.  Does it really need any further explanation?

Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Thompson Square, Eden’s Edge @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – “country” band.  yeah that’s right I used quotes.

Nadia Ali, Starkillers @ Stereo Live – Pakistani American Born in Libya raised in Queens  electronic pop songwriter  – that’s quite the mouthful

Joe Ely @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Mr. Ely returns

Sunday, July 15

Cory Branan, Audra Mae @ Rudyard’s – Rootsy Americana dude from Nashville.

Blind Pilot, Lost Lander @ Fitzgerald’s – Melodic, pretty indie pop band from Portland with a lot of nice, varied instrumentation.  Good wuss music.

I Set My Friends On Fire, The Color Morale, Our Last Night, My Ticket Home, Fact @ Warehouse Live (Studio) – the band describes themselves as experimental but sounds like another one of those frenetic bands with screamy vocals to me.

Cozy Blankets, Romantic Feelings @ Mango’s – Jangly reverby psychedelic stuff that might have some potential…

Troubadour Dali @ Super Happy Fun Land – …but if you want some jangly reverb drenched psychedelic stuff that is fully formed and tailor made for that glass bong you just bought, try Troubador Dali for size..

311, Slightly Stoopid @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – that band that does the rock reggae thing.

Houston’s Next Up Showcase, featuring Amber London, Dave Dolla$ign, Calico the Beast, The College Kids, & MachetteMail @ Fitzgerald’s – Another rap showcase for ya.

Monday, July 16

They, Who Sound, featuring Balazs Pandi @ Avant Garden (8-10PM) – This week TWS features a Hunbgarian drummer whose played with folks like Justin Broadrick,  Bill Laswell, and Merzbow.

Sadie & the Blue Eyed Devils, Quadkiller @ Super Happy Fun Land – Banjos, kazoos, ukes, and all that good stuff.

Tuesday, July 17

Two Star Symphony @ Leon’s Lounge  – Two Star at a small place like Leon’s sounds pretty awesome for a weekday.

Dead Mellotron, Will Schorre @ Super Happy Fun Land – super good shoegazy pop from Baltimore.  here’s an example of their stuff. (THe Chick wrote in the comments below, “Dead Mellotron in Houston? Can you say “f*ck yeah” x100? Amazing band. The show I’m most excited about next week.”  Yes I can, Fuck yeah X100.

Reel Big Fish, Big D and The Kids Table, Suburban Legends, The Maxies @ House of Blues – Cali Ska punks return

Dukes of September (Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, & Boz Scaggs) @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Some serious Yacht rock going down.

Trevor Hall, Anuhea, Justin Young @ Warehouse Live – mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 18

Candye Kane @ The Continental Club – California blues singer with a very colorful past.

Severed Savior, Arkaik, Genocaust, Ingurgitate, Sadistic Butchering @ The White Swan – Brutal California Death Metal.

This Week’s In-Stores

Saturday, July 14 @ Cactus Music – Daniel Johnston (3:30PM)

Saturday, July 14 @ Sigs Lagoon – Roky Erickson signing (5:00PM two item limit)

Sunday, July 15 @ Cactus Music – DJ Big E, DJ Black Slacks (12-3PM) Cory Branan  (3:00PM)

–For even more listings check out Space City Rock – Houston’s best local calendar–
  • RamonLP4

    If you’ve not see Grandfather Child and are going to Daniel Johnston, seriously make an effort to see them – “fuck yeah” x100”

    Thanks for the alternative commentary. 🙂

  • I have incorrect show dates on my last comment too. You know what? I give up. lol. Just…nevermind. Forget it.

    It’s okay because I don’t think my comment would have gone through anyways. I’m just now reading the comment guidelines above: You know, the part about, “Keep it clean.”

    Oops…totally missed that part.

  • Once again I keep posting typos. (My morning coffee has not kicked in yet). So let me try this one last time. lol:

    July 14:
    Daniel Johnston, Grandfather Child, Waldo and the Naturals, Tax the Wolf , Mikey and The Drags, Wicked Poseur @ Fitzgeralds
    Daniel Johnston – Great musician
    Grandfather Child – never heard of them, so I must dead….?
    Waldo and the Naturals – see above
    Tax the Wolf – Tax the Who?
    Mikey and The Drags – typical garage rock/punk, but they have good energy.
    Wicked Poseur – ….decent but it’s pretty hit or miss with them. Mostly snoozefest material.

    Amplified Heat, Slow Motion Rider @ Rudyard’s – Amplified Heat always puts on an relentless assault on the ears. Straight up rock n roll with no gimmicks. Slow Motion Rider had to cancel. So the correct show details are: Amplified Heat, Ghost Town Electric and Jamey Simms.

    July 15th:
    Cozy Blankets, Romantic Feelings @ Mango’s – “Jangly reverby psychedelic stuff that might have some potential…” Well maybe with Cozy Blankets yeah, but Romantic Feelings are actually more than decent. So…

    Troubadour Dali @ Super Happy Fun Land
    Now there’s a good band.

    Roky Erickson, Hounds of Baskerville @ The Continental Club – a legend of course, rightfully so

    July 15:
    Ibn Ubo, Cop Warmth, Moths @ Notsuoh
    Haven’t heard of the headliner. Cop Warmth has good tunes. Moths are so underrated, very good Houston band.

    Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson, Rachel Crow @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
    My 13 year old niece would love this, but I would rather get a root canal than have to go through the agony of sitting through this show.

    july 17th:
    Dead Mellotron, Will Schorre @ Super Happy Fun Land
    Dead Mellotron in Houston? Can you say “f*ck yeah” x100? Amazing band. The show I’m most excited about next week.
    Will Schorre? Never heard of him. Is that bad…?

    Reel Big Fish, Big D and The Kids Table, Suburban Legends, The Maxies @ House of Blues
    Omg how cool. Haven’t seen those guys since I was like 15. Too bad it’s at House of Blues though. I don’t do “Lone Stars that cost over $5″. That’s just not my scene.

    Oh and in the words of Anal Cunt: “311 sucks”.