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All Hands on Decks

All Hands on Decks
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All Aboard Skateboard Art Show:

Tomorrow, November 2nd, Alicia Merner will be hosting the All Aboard Skateboard Art Show, which will benefit A.Skate Foundation, a registered non-profit that teaches children with autism how to skateboard. How cool is that?

The show is at the El Rincon Social, which is located on 3210 Preston Street. The event begins at 7pm, and will last until 11pm. The show will feature 55 local artists’ work. The artists have been given blank skateboards, and set loose, allowing for full creativity and expression on one of my favorite art mediums: the underbelly of skate decks.

Artists like Shephard Fairey, Give Up, Dual, Cutthroat, EYESORE and many more will featuring their work on these skateboards, which will be auctioned off during the evening.

It’s important to remember that non-profit foundations like A.skate rely entirely on contributions from benefits like these, so the more love you can share with them, the more love they can give back.

The A.skate Foundation works to help bring autistic children into the social world of skateboarding. They hold skate clinics for autistic children, give grants to the children so they can afford some rad skateboarding gear, and they also promote awareness and work to educate families about the workings of the skateboard industry.

These nationwide clinics that A.skate holds are free for children with autism, and are provided by fundraisers and other events to help promote their cause, so come out tomorrow night and buy a skateboard, or two or three, and know that you are supporting a really excellent cause.

Go to Alicia Merner’s website to learn more about this benefit and how you can get involved.

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