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9.30.14: The Last VJ’s Top 5 Music Videos of the Week

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Welcome to The Last VJ, music fans! Have you ever heard of the glory that is piano metal? Well get ready to because we’re going to explore that wonderful world. In fact, this week is highly international, with videos from England, France, and more to show off the insane, the beautiful, and the just plain fun.

And yes, the Mastodon twerk video is on the list. What self-respecting VJ could possibly pass that up?

Yelle, “Complètement fou”

In the course of this column I come across a lot of bands that want to be seen as “wacky” and “crazy” and “hey look we stuck this dog wearing a hat in the middle isn’t that insane!”

No, it isn’t.

You can always tell the difference between all-natural and synthetic nuttiness. The latter merely apes the former, and has no deeper drive. The true wackalooniness always shines through because even though I have no idea why the young lady here is riding an ear of corn coming out of a garishly colored banana peel I can assure you that it makes total and complete sense to the people making it. Lately it seems that only non-American bands have the stomach to take something this weird so terribly seriously.

Wannabe Jalva, “Miracle”

There are music videos that really should just be movies, and director Antonio Torriani’s take on “Miracle” is right at the top of the list of those. “Miracle” feels more like an early Guy Ritchie film, are street and dirty and full of a kind of infected sensuality. It’s little more than a collection of mundane vignettes following regular people, but Torriani keeps it’s gripping with a brilliant eye for good shots. If you’re in the mood for a dirty good time, then this is the video for you.

Mastodon, “The Motherload”

Much has been said in the mainstream media about Mastodon’s newest music video, which starts out sort of late ‘90s Metallica and then becomes something closer to Alanis Morrisette’s satire of The Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps”. All I’m going to say about it is this; if Jimi Hendrix was alive today this is exactly the music video he would produce.

Arden Cho, “My True Happy”

I’m an admitted sucker for an animated music video, and the fact that creating one is so much easier and cheaper now than it was back in the day means that a much larger range of artists can have one. Arden Cho teamed up with Section Studios to create this one, which looks more like some deep indie game on Steam than just a music video. In fact, if you’re taking request, Arden, I think you might have yourself an existential platformer on your hands with just a few minor tweaks. Until then, it’s a very pretty piece of work that is fun, engaging, and rather unique.

In Legend, “Envoys of Peace”

All in all, In Legend is not exactly a brilliant music video band. Their concepts are pretty pedestrian and they are mostly performance exhibitions to boot, but “Envoys of Peace” is a must see. I honestly believe that In Legend is the real life Wyld Stallyns. They are a piano metal band that sings about love and hope and, yes, world peace. It’s the sort of music that might actually save the world if people stopped and took it in for a moment.

They take this one hundred percent seriously, too. There’s nothing pretentious about their message, and when Bastian Emig begins dancing around in freakin’ gossamer wings he pulls it off because that is how sincere he is. Everything about this video makes you want to work for brighter days.

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